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By: Jason Younger, Frank LaRocca, Bobby Harris, Mike Ferrarese, Ed Fradkin and Justin Bykofsky




Having the pleasure of spending the week leading up to the release of the draft Order with El Capo Conti, I heard all about people needing to stay away from “his guys.”  While I am still uncertain if Mike actually knows who all of his C players really are, it is undeniable that Mike went out and put a team together of his guys, having a blended scheme of veterans, power, youth and speed.  With a champion shortstop at the one, Mike benefitted from any early two pick by selecting JOMO to guard left centerfield.  While the commish is no longer in the ranks of the ones, he certainly has command of the outfield.  Conti followed up with Rhine in the third, giving him a rock solid left infield and a powerful bat who has learned how to handle the mush ball.  This captain was hoping that Rhine would fall to him and expects a huge bounce from Matt this season.  “His guys” (Deluise and Nichols) were selected next to pitch (great lefty bat) and play right center (excellent defender with speed), followed by Alfieri (who dropped due to potential missed games) and Ferro (who will finally get to play 2nd base in this defense).  Pauly Mo will leg kick his way around the plate and in right field as a solid 8, to be spelled by Easy E Arolick and utility players Rising, Klein and Uncle Rob.  Porzio rounds out this team as the 13.  With the solid D and serious pop, this team looks to produce some runs early in the lineup and win games.   As for a preseason prediction, this captain was asked to write-up 3 teams in my division, so my prediction will be similar for all.  We will all split the division games and win more games against the other divisions than lose.  Conti 12-10.

Best Draft Move (tie): Rhine as a late 3; Alfieri as a 6


Grades for:

Hitting: B+

Defense: A-

Speed: B

Pitching: B


Potential Award Winners:

JoMo: GQ Cover & Defensive Outfielder

Rhine: Comeback Player of the Year


TEAM NICE (Seth Drashinsky)

Seth, in his second draft, was a different kind of animal.  No longer a friendly fawn, he and a grimacing Ben huddled up in their dens scouring mock drafts, stats and tryout videos from years yonder to develop a perfect draft strategy.  Unfortunately, as is often the case in Marlboro Softball, that all went to shit when they learned that they were pinned at the end of the round right next to one another – having to compete literally for the same group of guys.  One would think Captain Seth was salivating as the Goldrosen, Priess and Brock picks inched ever closer to the coffin corner.  They also knew that the big bear (Scotty Pods) was waiting at the back of that cave to eat all the just deserts that remained.  Well before the draft it was obvious that bear couldn’t pass on the gorilla (Fradkin) and if it wasn’t to any captain before the draft, looking at Ed’s silly boy grin every time Scott walked by him made it crystal clear to everyone in the room.  So, who did he and Ben let into the cave with the hopes of them coming out?  Turns out Seth let the wrong guy go.  Pat Brock, who Seth coveted last year as his top pick, didn’t make it back to him at 2.  Most pundits, including myself, firmly believed a Brock one would have given Seth the Priess pick at 2.  But not everyone believed that as Scotty Pods wasn’t talking much in his recliner with headphones (other than when it was poor Mark Goddard’ turn to pick).  That said, speedy Joe Tracy is no slouch instead of Brock.  His only downside is a playoff game miss.  Veteran softballer Richie Spear & Son were next in the 5/12 (why?) combo slot.  Spear is versatile fielder, a smart hitter, and can play almost any position in a pinch.  Newcomer Rabinowitz showed promise in the try-out before he hurt his finger.  Tremendous upside taking him at 6.  Joshi taken at the end of the 7th, brings an amazing bat, and more importantly, legitimate backup pitching experience for Big Daddy Dave, who is getting the nod as a starter this year.  Fat Ass Cousin Pezz, stolen from me just two picks away, shows the world that the Captain Nice moniker needs to be erased.  Jimmy is a solid hitter and can also play every position on the field (just ask him).  LOVE JOE O.  Any team with him on it is a team I want to play on.  The team is rounded out with Sal Sicurella, who, if he stayed on his workout regimen, will be of significant value as the last drafted player. As for a preseason prediction, like I said before, all three of my write-ups are teams in my division.  Here, Team Benny Kess will sweep the former Team Nice, dropping their record to 11-11.

Best Draft Move: Joshi late 7

Worst Draft Move: Passing Brock in the 1st


Grades for:

Hitting: B+

Defense: B+

Speed: A-

Pitching: B


Potential Award Winners:

Priess: Defensive Infielder

J Pezz: Biggest Ass Since Melnyk’s Retirement


After a Fall captainship of cheering loudly for his team and arguing vociferously with Umpire Fogarty, Captain Ben went radio silent for the last several weeks before the draft, only surfacing after he found out that he couldn’t draft Caputo – dashing his hopes and dreams for a 2021 summer of love.  I have to admit I was concerned when I heard of the wild trade offers being bandied about by this rookie captain.  Fortunately for Ben, cooler heads prevailed and he settled in as one of the minority of captains who did not make a move at all on draft day.  This proved to be the best case for him, as his number 2 choice as top pick (Goldrosen) slid all the way to him at 16, followed up by Kyle Dunleavy (arguably a one pick himself) in the 2 spot.  These are two guys that can play serious outfield defense and mash on offense.  Ben followed this up with the Binder combo (Evan for his speed and outfield prowess and Allen to have coffee and bagels with old man Andy Kess while the youngins’ run around having fun).  One may think that Ben had a decent first part of the draft, but the middle is where all of his hard work preparing paid off by selecting “softball players” KP (with speedy Tyler), Weis, Javy and relative newbie Gio (the kid plays lock down 3B and comes with his own fan club).  Welcome back Uncle Leno and Big Sexy fill the 8, and protect the 13 spots.  No idea where they play anymore (assume Lenny at 1B), but having them on any team, especially for a new captain, is a huge asset.  Bonus: Scott Wolkowitz is no longer needed as bench captain on this squad!!  Expect solid outfield defense and good run production from this unit. As for a preseason prediction, like I said for Conti, all three of my write-ups are teams in my division.  For the most part, we will all split the division games and win more games against the other divisions than lose.  Team Benny Kess 12-10.


Best Draft Move: KP & Tyler Panassidi late 5/11


Grades for:

Hitting: A

Defense: B

Speed: B+

Pitching: B


Potential Award Winners:

Goldrosen: MVP

Dunleavy: Highest Batting Average & BMI for a Fast Guy


While the past few years have been very cookie-cutter, something happened to Francis over the fall that he thought would never happen to him again this late in life… he fell in love. His muse…Phillip Saglietto. With the strength of Rocky Marciano and the agility of a 70’s era John Travolta, Saglietto exploded onto the fall-ball scene just hitting dingers and taking names. This being a more unprecedented draft than prior years, Frank sat and waited for his moment to trade up for the Italian Stallion. Bam! Power hitter and infield anchor accomplished. Next up was Bryce Harper/Andre Agassi-looking rookie Mike Santaromita. On his tryout alone, he will be a top defensive outfielder…much better than those fucking Kleshinsky brothers (too soon?). I am sure he’s a bargain defensively, but we will sit and wait on to see how his offense shakes out. As the rest of the draft went, Frank went with familiar faces in the Carlins (at a bargain price) and Nick Lombardi while also getting the first round bat in JZ in the 5th. In all, I think Frank did a nice job in creating a balanced team with a solid infield, a gem of a pitcher in LaRocca Ronnie Carlin, and a good mix of power and singles hitters. I do feel the outfield fades out a bit after the Santaromita, but at least Schiffman can throw on a Grateful Dead live show from ’72 that will make the ball transcend time and place and make everyone just feel right…you know, man?


Predicted record: 13-9

Grades for:

Hitting: B+

Defense: B-

Speed: B

Pitching: A


Potential Award Winners: 

OPY/MVP: Saglietto (Frank came reading this)

ROY/DOY: Santaromita 

MOY: LaRocca

MIP: Lombardi

As soon as the draft numbers were released, rookie captain Scotty Pods and Pingaro negotiated over the coveted Turano brothers. As consigliere to Scotty, I lost hours of my life with the Al Michael voice in my ear followed by Donnie Brasco’s rebuttals. In the end, no trades were made and Pingaro got what he wanted. Nice start: two .500 hitting outfielders with pop. Round two came as a big surprise as I was expecting him to grab a smaller guinea in Mike Valentino… it’s a no brainer; he plays infield, bats .700 and provides the team with black market Ghost Bats from the back of an IROC-Z28. Instead, Papa Pasquale went with rookie pitcher A.J. Ortiz. While he comes highly touted, this is a risk as a #2 if he doesn’t come as advertised. Round 4, Pat comes to the conclusion that a softball field has an outfield AND and infield and grabs Intoci as a steady glove and an improving bat based on his Fall League numbers. Pat then immediately forgot about infield again and went with Conselyea followed by another aging outfielder in Jacoby… bro, don’t be a mamaluk…you gotta diversify. At least in the Jacoby pick, he brings the fan club of the Jacoby family (unless of course Joe Mamone is playing at a different field at the same time). In all I think this team will have a feared top of the lineup and a well balanced outfield, but the lack of a complete infield is concerning and could result in some realignments as the season progresses. However, I do think the infield will improve when Jacoby has his annual leg injury and is replaced by Phil Lipomi… who knows


Predicted record: 9-13


Grades for:

Hitting: B

Defense: C+

Speed: B

Pitching: TBA


Potential Award Winners:

OPY: The Better Turano

CY Young/ROY: Ortiz

MOY: Pingaro


GODDARD (Princeton Brain Spine)
With five rookie captains, no one really knew what to expect out of them except that they would be more predictable than a Lombardi draft. Goddard was no different. As a rookie captain, it’s hard enough to make the quick decisions in the draft but being in no-man’s land in the 10-hole makes it even harder. In all, Goddard did a solid job and put together a good crew. First off, he selected two rookies in the first two rounds… the balls on this guy. While that may sound risky, the talk on Leonardi (1st) and Santigate (2nd) is they are can’t miss picks and will play as advertised. Now my question as the draft was approaching was who would play SS for this team. I know Mark always wants to play SS, but… a team needs a left-handed SS as much as Kyle Dunleavy needs a cheeseburger (I’ve seen pictures…get your life together bro). But team MG will be sporting Santigate at SS this year with a nice looking defense around him. Honestly, that may be what I like most about this team. While there aren’t huge names at every position (can’t speak for the rookies yet), he did a nice job of grabbing versatile players (George, Rosenstocks, Raucher) that can play in different spots and give him flexibility when needed. And pitchers… he’s got a three man rotation in J. Goddard/Cruz/Karp which provides safety if anyone gets in to walk trouble. However, without Richie Bomenblit riding Jeff Goddard’s ass and demeaning every pitch he throws, he should feel more comfortable on the mound. In all, a nice first draft and above .500 season ahead.

Predicted record: 12-10

Grades for:

Hitting: B

Defense: B

Speed: B-

Pitching: B-


Potential Award Winners:


OPY: Leonardi

ROY: Leonardi/Santigate

MIP: Jeff Goddard


WALLMAN (Sentinel)
The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Department has put out an arrest warrant to the Heistmeister himself Todd
Wallman, for Grand Theft Draft (Rockstar Games developing the game version).  For the second year in a row The Heistmeister stole this draft.  Coolly and calmly, he sat back and allowed the draft to come to him.  Because of blocked picks, friend picks, or silly picks everything fell into Wallman’s lap.  Clamp at 3 again?  What am I missing?  With Polz as a manager now- to this author Clamp is the clear cut numero uno pitcher in this draft.  He is a difference maker on the mound and not so bad with the stick.  After that, Todd took two BFF oldie but goodies, JY and Beja. Todd tries to downplay JY’s shrinking skills- but he is still one of the best second basemen in this league- and I predict hitting in the middle of this gauntlet of a lineup will turn his penchant for sac flies into singles in ’21.  Just my hunch!  Then Beja at 5.  For those of us that know better- there was a real player beneath his ski jacket at tryouts. Was he headed to Hunter Mountain after the tryouts? But then a historic MSL draft theft - the Manocchio’s at 7-8-9.  Gentlemen- for those of you without blocked picks- how do you pass this pick at 6- let alone at 7!!!!.  Did Todd give you all roofies before the draft (might have to investigate that too)?  And oh yeah, we have not even mentioned the loquacious duo of Frederick The Grate and Pudge Rogiers. Listen, they do talk a lot and make lots of noise- but make no mistake they are a legit 1 and 2.  Tony proved to me in our playoff showdown last year he can play SS.   And Frederick is…..well Frederick.  Let us be clear, Team Wallman has one problem – trying to find innings for everyone.  That is it!  DC has been told to buy a catcher’s mask- and has ZERO shot of repeating as Charlie Hustle.  Pretty difficult to win that award with only 3 innings behind the plate.  Then add in P Harris, Turtz, and D’Amato as your 11-12-13?  Those bad boys can hit. What are we supposed to do pitch around 12 guyz to get to DC?  Anything less than a 20-win season will have to be categorized as a disappointing season.  To my fellow Central Division managers- unless the Monmouth County DA can get a conviction of Grand Theft Draft and negate some of these picks- we are all just playing for second place.


Projected Record- 20-2

Team Grade

Offense- A-

Defense- A+

Pitching- A

Speed- B

Projected Post Season Award Nominees

MVP- Rogiers (Will finally get on the Podcast with this nomination)

Def IF – Rogiers (Stings like a Butterfly floats like Tom Carroll)

CY Young- Clamp (A LOCK!)

Most Improved- JY (going from sac flies to singles in clutch situations in ’21)

Mr Nice Guy/Sportsmanship- Freddie (without Becker – it is possible)

Charlie Hustle- Freddie (Laying down in the OF now in the rear-view mirror)

MGR of the year- Wallman (Unless he only wins 16 games – then I want the right to revisit this predicted nomination)


GOLDFARB (Jiffy Lube)
Full disclosure- I debated long and hard whether to take our league’s new young gun, Goldrosen or my second son Justin Callow with my first pick.  After going back and forth in my head - do I or don’t I- given that Justin had informed me Erev Draft that he was asking that he now be called JH instead of JC- that was the tie breaker for me.  So, with Callow now gone- I thought I gift wrapped one Goldy for another.  But NO!  Guy goes with Joe Peragine.   Joe is in the conversation as one of the best OF’s in the league and oh yeah a past Def OF of the year award winner.  But as good as Joe is offensively to go with his defensive prowess- Goldrosen looks like the next Chase Sandler.  Just sayin’ and predictin’.  Dinapoli and Corde did add some serious firepower and with Joe leading off- followed by Nick and Rob- not going to be too many goose egg first innings for Team Goldy. Then in the 5th and 6th round Goldy got AP/JP- a “STEAL”.  Another prediction, AP will be the rated Pargy pick next year- Joey really coming into his own.  I predict Joey will bust out offensively this year and will also offer Goldy lots of flexibility.  He can put Alex back in the OF as Joey can man 3B or 2B and Nick at SS- or Alex can play SS and Nick goes to 2B and Joey at 3B.  AP a former LCF for Bobito, now anchors this solid infield - at 1B.  The “Let’s Go” duo of Sean and Ryan Grant offers more flexibility for Goldy.  Sean’s big bat does not hurt either.  In the 7th round with only two managers left without a pitcher (yours truly and Guy) Goldy went back to his old reliable Darren Drapkin.  Darren will love this defense – solid in both the OF and Inf. Salerno and Kreppel are veteran bats – and provide solid backups if any of the starters are hurt or absent.  Not many teams have that.  Unfortunately for Goldy, like the rest of us in this brutal Central Division- it appears we are all fighting for second place.  Holy Manocchio’s Batman!


Projected Record- 12-10

Team Grade

Offense- B

Defense- A

Pitching- B

Speed- B

Projected Post Season Nominations

Offensive Player of the Year- Nick Dinapoli (2019 or 2020?  Odd year, so I say 2019)

DEF OF- Joe Peragine (Simply because he is one of the top 4 OFs in this league- full stop)

MGR of The Year- Goldy (have to give some love to another MSL old timer)

Most Improved- Joey Pargament (given my Team Goldy write up and my predicted break out year for Joey- must be in the convo for this award)


SEIDENBERG (Sal's Pizza)
In 2020 a rookie manager tied for the best regular season record and won a championship.  Is it possible with 5 new managers we could have a repeat?  Well, if there is to be a repeat count Team Scottie Pods as one of the contenders.  The biggest hurdle?  Drafting from the 18 hole can be very daunting- you need a plan- and then hope certain players drop.  If you make one mistake- it is a long way back after the turn.  Give Scottie credit- he handled it with veteran aplomb. Hard to go wrong when you start off with “The Bully” Edward Peter- the most feared hitter in the league- and a much-improved pitcher, and Scottie’s Consiglieri.  Then a gift dropped into the podcast booth when Pat Brock was there for the second half of the turn pick. A former Def OF of the year- and arguably the best leadoff hitter in the league. Can you imagine a long fly out by Ed – could Pat score from first?  Odds are he will try.  After the Brock pick it is a long wait til you pick again- in fact, Scottie had enough time to do a podcast breaking down the first round before his next pick to start off the fourth round. The only problem with taking a pitcher with the first pick- and then a LCF with your second pick- you better hope a quality SS is there for you at the start of the fourth round.  And luckily the gamble paid off when one of the all-time best all-around SS in our league- making an encore MSL performance- Darren Kay was there for Scottie.  DK must shake off some rust and past injury woes- but NO ONE is more of a gamer than DK.  If DK is near his old self this team will contend. DK will anchor the defense with Fazz at 3B, Pods at 2B, and Your Biggest Loser Contestant Meyer at 1B.  That is a helluva of infield defense. In the OF, lifelong Bobitian Russ Krauss, who I swear must have downed some of Yock’s favorite Ponce De Leon’s brew, patrols LF.  Russ is ageless.  And a damn good LF.  The right side of the outfield will feature the two fastest young guns in the league Collis Spann and Justin “He Hate me” Krauss. Hopefully one of them knows to call the other off- because they will both get to any ball hit to the right side.  No collisions- OK?  And let us not forget Ed’s batterymate Bradley Randell- he can still place the ball as well as any 12 in the league- and if he can hit 400 (a distinct possibility) that is a helluva bonus.  Lineup does thin out a little- and lots of if’s- most notably some strong personalities.  However, if Ed and Scottie can play good cop bad cop and navigate those choppy waters- they can contend. Otherwise, Evan’s rookie 2020 championship will remain the only rookie manager to ever win a championship.


Projected Record- 12-10

Team Grade

Offense- B+

Defense- B

Pitching- B-

Speed- A

Projected Post Season Award Nominees

Offensive Player of the Year- Edward Peter (unless he gets the yips on the mound and refuses to come out when Scottie tries to yank him, and he takes the diss to the plate)

DEF OF- Pat Brock (provided there are no three or four game suspensions)

DEF INF- DK (Imagining the old DK)

MGR of The Year- Edward Peter (unless there is team drama or Scottie insists, he is the manager not Edward Peter)


Charlie Hustle- Justin Krauss and Collis Spann (a field Team Seidenberg pick)

Most Improved – Jay Soskel (because he is a Bobito fave)



Draft Grade: B-

Glenn was devastated when he failed to get a high enough number to draft his quasi-adopted sons, Martin and Steven.  However, no one should feel bad for him that he was able to start his team with Mike Caputo, who appears to be a monster in the field and at bat.  I am sure Glenn waivered as to whether to select the Bomenblits here, but that would have likely prevented him from getting his future son-in-law, Amadeo, in the second round, who is a very under-rated player even for someone drafted in the 2nd round.

The draft played right into Glenn’s hands for him to get his ex-best friend back in the fold by picking Doc and his sons as essentially the first pick of Round 3.   After adding Dynov in the 6th round, Glenn had the makings of a young fast outfield with Amadeo, Austin and Dynov.  So, after 6 rounds, Glenn had the start of a very good squad with a great SS, three good outfielders LCF, RCF, LF and a starting pitcher.

It was in Round 7 that Glenn went off-the-rails after DiMarco decided to draft Gary Klein out from under Glenn to play 3B.  Glenn was startled and speechless as DiMarco cackled “Gary Klein” to Commissioner Mamone as his 7th round pick.  Everyone could see the blood seep from his body.  It was sad.  In the glory of gaining one best friend back (Doc), he allowed another to be lost.  It didn’t help that DiMarco was in all his glory laughing the entire time. 

Getting Danny Difedele will help the infield where he probably will play 3B, but the other two spots remain a mystery.  Perhaps Super Caputo can cover the entire left side of the infield by himself and Glenn can put 3 guys on the right side. 

Altogether Glenn had a good draft with power in Doc and Caputo, what looks to be a good-to-great fielding outfield, and hopefully, if he remains somewhat sane, steady pitching.  If Holden turns out to be solid at second base that would be huge for Glenn to solidify his infield.      

Predicted record:  12-10


Grades for:

Hitting: B

Power: B+

Defense: B+

Speed: A-

Pitching: B


Potential Award Winners:

Rookie of the Year: Caputo

Defensive Infielder: Caputo

Offensive Player of the Year: Doc

Defensive OF: Amadeo



Draft Grade: C-

Every captain knows drafting for friends is difficult, and Bobby knows more than most considering his long tenure in the league.   Figuring out what round to draft someone is hard enough, much less worrying about another captain purposely picking a friend of yours and then holding him hostage.  We all remember the Lapine/Schefkind fiasco of 2020.

No surprise that Bobby drafted old-reliable Justin Callow with the 11th pick in the first round.  Justin is one of the top LCFs in the league, no doubt.  Grabbing Bkofksy in the 2nd round gave his team perhaps the best LCF/RCF combination that there is, and two very good hitters.  I also like Noel Gluck in the 3rd round to play SS.  After his top three picks Bobby had a core group of veteran players who play at high level to lead his team and things looked good.

It was in the 4th round that he had to make a choice whether to take a friend in Shefkind or a younger outfielder such as Woody or the other JY, and I am sure it was a hard choice to make.  Bobby, to his credit, stood by his friend and made the Shefkind/Tritto/Tritto pick that really prevented him from making almost any great combo picks later on in the draft that would have helped him, specifically the Mannochio trifecta that somehow fell to Wallman at 7, 8 and 9. (There really needs to be an investigation into how that happened.)  He also went with Kush in the 5th even though a combo pick of Pargament/Pargament may have been the better choice in that slot and given Bobby a much-needed injection of youth to his team.

Two picks that could help Bobby tremendously is Wagreich in the 7th and Mike Seidel in the 9th.   The rookie was on many captains’ radar and may surprise a lot of people this year.  Seidel is a strike-throwing machine who Bobby can put on the mound every game without worrying that he is going to walk many players. 

Predicted record: 8-14


Grades for:

Hitting: B

Power: B-

Defense: B-

Speed: C

Pitching: B-


Potential Award Winners:

Defensive OF: Callow

Rookie of the Year: Wagreich

Most Improved: Ballo


POLLOCK (Gastro of Ocean)

Draft Grade: B

Matt (and Mitch) always has a plan going into the draft and he follows through on selecting the team that he wants for the upcoming season.  This year was no different, although that may not be a positive.  I don’t think anyone believed they would select someone other than Martino after his MVP-nominated season from 2020.   After that Matt had to make his second pick count because with him and Mitch rated 3 and 4, they did not have a pick for 40 spots.  In a surprise to many, Team Pollock went with Angry Mike Valentino, last year’s top hitter for batting average with their pick in the 2nd round.  While Mike is an excellent hitter and a good 3B/2B, would Matt’s team have been better served with a player who can play either infield or outfield and has more power, such as Evan Rosenthal or Tim George.  We shall see as the season progresses, but this writer believes so.   By the way congrats to Mike for his fiancĂ© recently giving birth to their daughter. 

Selecting Roland, Reiss (or whatever his name is this year) in rounds 5 and 6 and then the Rubin combo in rounds 7 and 10, were excellent picks and solidified the outfield, as well as gave him a backup pitcher.  At this point the league should just make Rosenswaig and Mark Goldberg a combo pick with Mitch and Matt because they are on their team every year. 

All in all, it was solid, unspectacular draft.  However, considering Matt had the 3rd overall selection it was somewhat disappointing as well.  The team would have had more power, and been younger and faster by selecting the Bomenblits with their first pick, even if every other selection remained the same.  Their outfield looks like Roland, Mitch, Reiss and Rubin from LF to RF.  These are all steady players who will catch the balls hit to them, but not cover as much ground as many other teams have in their outfield.  One side of their infield with Martino and Val (assuming he plays 3rd) looks very good, but the right side could be a weakness. 

On the offensive side, they have some very good hitters for average, but little power, and not much speed on the base paths.   There is no hitter on the team that really scares anyone. 

Even with all of the criticisms, there is still a good chance that Matt and Mitch makes this team into a title contender, as they have almost every year.  I have to give them credit where credit is due.      

Predicted record: 13-9


Grades for:

Hitting: B+

Power: C

Defense: B

Speed: C-

Pitching: B+


Potential Award Winners:

Highest Batting Average: Val

Manager of the Year: Matt

Defensive Infielder: Martino

Cy Young: Matt

Charlie Hustle: Reiss



POLZER (Game Changer)
Dave Polzer, the elder statesman of the rookie captains, did quite well in his first foray of picking a team of middle aged guys to hit slow pitch softball.  Throughout the process he was always ready to pick rather quickly and did so with a smile on his face.  Grabbing the lottery pick of the number 1 overall selection was a nice way to start and he didn't disappoint by grabbing arguably the best overall player in the league in Jeremy Paster with his first pick.  The question that then faced Polz would be what infielder would he get late 2 to combine with himself and Paster.  Well luckily for him, DiMarco passed over his BFF for Saler leading some members of the draft room to ask Ant (was Saler in your wedding party too?!?) and gift wrapped Specchio for Polzer's team round 2.  This gave Polz some nice versatility with Specchio being able to play both SS and OF.  Dave then did what any smart captain would do and he made a big trade with LaRocca,  which basically guaranteed he'd come out on the good side of the deal.  The trade (swapping 4-5-6-7-11) allowed Polz to grab veteran IF Jimmy Murphy round 4, which then helped boost the OF by sending Specchio out to RCF.  He followed with big bats in Schindelheim and Turner 5-6, and OF Danser in the 7th.  Solid drafting 8-9-10 with Thompson, Ciaglia, and Miranda who can all defend well should help this team be in a lot of close games.  Some questions remain about JT's health and position availability, as well as the batting averages towards the second half of the lineup, but other than that I see a pretty smooth season for Capt Polz in his rookie campaign as he has a group of good dudes who know how to play ball.

Record Prediction  - 10-12

MVP - Paster

DPOY - Paster

Charlie Hustle - Jimmy Murphy

Mr Nice Guy - Schindelheim


Cowboy Mike was at it again in the draft room, this year showing up with just a beach chair while still being able to select reigning MVP Chase Sandler with the 9th overall pick. This was a no-brainer pick that started Mikey out with a versatile power hitter who can play both IF and OF.  He then followed up by taking 2nd year stud Juska in round 2 to man the SS position.  While Juska really only played 3rd base last year, his smooth hands in the IF should be able to transfer well to the SS position if his range can be enough.  Cowboy Mike was saying Juska had something else smooth that he really liked but lets keep this PG for now...In the 3rd round Mikey selected Evan Rosenthal, another power bat who can play the IF and maybe be the SS if need be.  A great pick at this point which was then followed by another stud hitting IF in Brock Hor.  Sandler-Juska-Rosenthal-Hor is an excellent 4 hitters to start with, which was then followed up by everyone's favorite caucasian rastafarian in Mike Podolla who comes in with big hitting OFer Thomas.  Apples then fell in Ferrarese's lap in the 7th round and helped add to the list of impressive hitters on this team.  Toran is a Cowboy Mike staple round 10 and Sherman another solid bat for an 11 really rounded out Mike's draft well. This team should be in a lot of high scoring affairs and I think the Cowboy drafted enough defense that they should win more than they lose. The only question I really have is how the hell did Mike become a principal?!??!

Record Prediction: 12-10

Off Player: Chase Sandler

Charlie Hustle: Mike Podolla

Mgr of the Year: Cowboy Mike


The Denny/Phil draft combo is always solid come draft day and they did not disappoint this year.  On paper this team might have the most power hitting in the league as Denny started out his draft with his former lover, power hitting left hander,  Tom Caroll.  Getting Tommy this late in the 1st round was an absolute steal, and the fact he's missing round 1 of the playoffs may not even matter if there's a rain out or if they can just split the series 1-1 to start.  Getz/Lapine followed by selecting everyone's favorite drinking buddy Eric Becker and his brother round 2.  Based on the rest of the roster Becker will be asked to pitch, and I personally thing that's his best position (despite being too drunk and walking too many guys sometimes). The Kleschinsky brothers fell as a surprise to them round 3-4, partially due to Mike K looking 7 months pregnant in the boys recent FL trip to take BP 1500 miles away instead of at Union Hill.  Regardless that is a monstrous top 4 in the lineup.  Mike K as a 4 is great value with the way he can hit, and Kevin K is a first-round talent who has a laser arm in the OF.  Denny selected lefty bat Frometa late round 5 followed by a great combo in the Fishman-Jaeger duo.  Fish provide some real pop round 7 while offering pretty good position versatility as well.  The veteran Jaeger always hits .500, plays an excellent 1B, and can be the backup P in the games when Beck falters on the rubber.   This team will certainly hit so the only question will be can they catch the ball consistently.  Also kudos to Denny for being 79 years old and never a 13!


Record Prediction - 13-9

Off Player: Tom Carroll

Most Beers Consumed: Becker

Mgr of Year: Lapine

Mr. Nice Guy: Getz


When the #s were selected, Skip Lombardi landed the #2 pick in the 2021 Marlboro Softball draft.  With rookie Captain Polzer at the 1 spot blocked from taking the dynamic duo Blackburns, the pick became a no brainer for Captain Jim.  Starting with the Blackburns should almost guarantee enough wins to keep out of the dreaded Jacoby Play in Game which Captain Jim has participated in both years he has been at the helm.  Sitting alone in corner of the warehouse, Jim was ready to reverse the curse and turn this franchise around.  After getting his SS and LCF with his lottery combo pick he selected Dr Holmes at the end of the 3rd and the new and better Jason Young in 4th.  Holmes offers great versality and the new JY looks like an absolute stud based on his Facebook posts.  In the 6th, the Manachio trio seemed liked a no brainer and an absolute gift for falling to Skip but he shocked the room and passed on them for Trojani that many had slotted a few rounds lower.  Lurie in the 7th offers lock down defense at 3rd base and the rest of the draft went as we are sure Jim scripted.  Blackburn, Holmes and Young should make for a very solid outfield and Jim on the mound with the other Blackburn at SS and Luire at 3rd gives this team some defense while young E Mallow should have a breakout season.  Hopefully Young will be dangerous with the bat or else Martin might see a lot of walks at Union Hill.  While many think Jim could have done better once he grabbed the Blackburns, this team will still surpass wins from the previous Lombardi squads and be competitive.  Jim is from the Matt Granese coaching tree and every knows it took MG 8 years to draft a decent team and be gifted Pat Brock as a replacement 4 to get a winning season under his belt so Jim should be able to get a winning season year 3.
12 & 10

After winning the championship as a rookie captain, Steinberg went back to the Bomenblit well in hopes of repeating.  Joraski in the 3rd and the Captain in the 4th put the championship band was back together.  Lambo next gives this team a solid pitcher with a lot of offensive pop.  The Levine combo next added some nice speed and Captain Evan did a good job filling in offense and defense the rest of the draft.  This team has a nice balance of speed, hitting, pitching and fielding and should go deep into the playoffs.  The old saying years ago when a captain was fortunate to land the Brock Brothers was “don’t f*ck up the Brock pick!”, now adays its “don’t f*ck up the Bomenblit’s” and once again Evan didn’t. 

DIMARCO (Ace Aluminum)
Dimarco’s first season as a Captain was not good to him and his preseason prediction was spot on.  Captain Dimarco drafted 11 first basemen in 2020 and was rewarded by not making the playoffs.  The night before the 2021 draft, the Captain had a plan that he shared with the author of this writeup and even though most of the picks discussed were available to him, he passed on almost all of them. With his first pick in round 2 he passed on his best pal and instead selected D Saler a bomb hitter and excellent glove who is coming off a back injury.  In the 3rd he grabbed the Broome Brothers which added a great SS to go with an already excellent outfield.  Next, he actually stuck to his script and took his pal Woody.  At 7:30am draft morning while pumping up his biceps at the gym, Captain Anthony again had a guy he was absolutely taking.  This fella who is down 70- pounds from 2020 was sitting waiting to hear his name called out when Anthony changed course again and yelled out “Yockel”.   The ageless hitting sensation Yoke is a great pick and gives this team a top hitting pitcher.  Dimarco filled needed roster spots with the remainder of his picks and should be enough offense and defense to keep Dimarco from back-to-back play in games.  It’s not a championship roster the Captain promised but it’s much better than his rookie roster. 














































































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