1-Bases set at 60 feet

2-Pitcher’s rubber set at 48 feet.

3-One Ball and One Strike count with One additional foul ball allowed after two strikes.

4-Batter who foul tips a pitch that is caught by the catcher cleanly after two strikes is an out.

5- Any foul ball which is tipped (above 6 feet) and caught by the catcher is an out.  There is no height restriction to the foul ball if there are 2 strikes on the batter.

6-Batter who hits a foul ball with two strikes and NO free ball remaining whether caught or dropped is a dead ball out. Runners may not advance.

7-Batter/Runner must touch the outside runners base at first base. Exception- Runner may touch the fielders inside base in order to avoid a possible collision.

8-Batter/Runner is not permitted to slide into first base. The batter will be called out, All runners will be allowed to advance at their own risk.

9-Pitchers must release the pitch from the pitching rubber. They must start their motion with at least one foot on the rubber.


11-Pitchers must release the pitch with a minimum height of 6 feet and a maximum height of 12 feet. Pitchers are not permitted to throw the pitch with excessive speed.

12-All pitches must have a discernible arc. Pitcher’s elbow must be in a locked position. Sidearm deliveries are not permitted. Once the batter is in the batters box pitcher is allowed to pitch the ball.

13-Umpires shall call a ball on all illegal flat-high and fast pitches early and verbally prior to the pitch arriving at the plate.

14-Every eligible player on the roster in attendance that is physically able to play must be in the batting order. (Every eligible player on the roster in attendance that is physically able to play must play a minimum of three innings defensively.  All players shall play a minimum of three defensive innings.  

15-Every player in the lineup can use a courtesy runner only once per game. This includes runners being used as courtesy runners between bases.

16-Runners are permitted to vacate their bases once the pitched ball hits the ground or the batter makes contact with the ball. NO liability to be put out on a swing and miss.

17-Game is 9-innings and there is a fifteen-run mercy rule after 6.5 innings.  Teams can concede at their discretion at any point of the game.

18-Any pitch that hits the mat which fully covers home plate and meets all of the other qualifications will be declared a strike.

19-Any players injured during the playing of the game will be able to vacate the game without penalty.

20-Any player that must leave the field early must notify both the Umpire and opposing Manager prior to the start of the game, otherwise an out will be declared the next time his spot comes up in the order. Exception: Emergency situations. All player's shall bat through the entire game.  Any player who arrives after his team has batted through the order shall be placed at the end of the lineup.  If the team has not yet batted around the player may be placed in the next non-batted slot in the lineup.  If a player leaves a game early for any reason, with the exception of being ejected from the game, his spot in the lineup is skipped and the team is not charged with an out. 

21-Any player ejected from the game shall forfeit any future at bats and will be considered an out in the order every time his spot comes up. NO exceptions. Further discipline may follow.

22-League rules supersede Book rules. Book rules will take precedent when and as needed.

23- First and third base coaches are not permitted to have a fielders glove on their hands. They must be behind their backs tucked into their pants or on the ground. 

24-Umpires are in charge on the game and all weather related decisions, field condition decisions are in his or her per view.

25-Only the manager of the team can argue with the umpire, and it is the responsibility of the manager to keep all other players away from the argument.

26-Home teams’ book is considered the Official book and any scoring disagreements should be dealt with at the earliest with assistance of the Umpire.

27-Each team will declare a walk hitter who once designated can only be walked twice per game. Any additional walk will be a two-base award to both him and any runners on base. (any base runners only advance if forced)

28-Only ASA Approved bats are allowed. If an illegal bat is used and caught the bat will be taken out of the game and the player will be subject to possible penalties. 

29-All runners are required to slide or avoid the fielder at each base other than First base.

30-Plays at the plate. Both Runner and Catcher can touch the Mat on a force out. Runners must take all necessary steps to avoid contact with the catcher,

31-Catchers must allow the runner a running lane in which he is able to touch the plate while either standing or sliding.

32-If a runner does not slide and interferes with Catchers ability to make a play, it will be considered offensive interference and the runner will be declared out.

33-If the catcher does not allow the runner a running lane and blocks the runner from touching the mat it will be considered obstruction and the runner will be declared safe.

34-Fielders are prohibited into decoying the runner into sliding by putting their gloves down. It may cause an injury and the player may be subject to ejection.

35-Both fielders and runners are prohibited to verbally yell during a play in the infield in order to cause confusion to the opposing player. Umpires will make a ruling concerning penalties.

Players can be substituted defensively at any time of the game.

-Each player may pinch run one time per game.  Both captains shall be responsible for keeping track of all pinch runners.

-A player who is already on the bases may pinch run for another player who is on the bases at the same time.

-If a team wishes to intentionally walk a player, he may indicate the same verbally.

Bench selection – Regular season home team gets choice of field bench.  During playoffs, the higher seeded team selects bench choice 

Glove selection – ANY glove can be used at any position.

All games shall be nine innings. Regular season games shall be official after the trailing team has batted for five full innings.  IF ANY REGULAR SEASON GAMES DO NOT GO 5 INNINGS (or at least the losing team batting 5x) THE GAME SHALL BE RESTARTED FROM THE BEGINNING.

All playoff games, however, must be finished to completion.  If, in a playoff game, the game is called after it would otherwise be an official game it shall resume exactly where it left off.  If a playoff game is called due to weather prior to becoming an otherwise official game the game shall be started over from the beginning.  Barring emergent circumstances, captains may not agree to alter this rule, or edit same. Once a playoff game begins, if for any reason it gets called prior to the end, the game will pick up where it left off.

The decision of the umpires shall always be final.  No games may be protested..

A double first base shall be used.  Players running through first base must touch the outside base.  Defensive players covering first base must touch the inside base.

An umpire shall have the discretion to advise players that they do not have to touch home plate if there is no play on them if the area around home plate is wet or dangerous.

Metal spikes are prohibited.

Any bat deemed illegal or banned by the Amateur Softball Association shall be considered banned by the League.

A pitching rubber must be used.

There is no leading.  Runners may leave the base once the ball has been contacted or has crossed home plate.

There must be at least eight players present on each team to begin a game.  A team who cannot field eight players within fifteen minutes of the scheduled start time shall forfeit the game.  If a team is reduced to seven players during any game, that team shall forfeit the game.


East Francis updated rule
Balls hit ON A FLY into the trees will be an automatic homerun
Every other hit is all you can get