Wednesday, 24 March 2010 16:41

All games/times subject to change

Regular start times (subject to change)
9:30am - Sunday Union Hill morning games
8:30/10:30 (if 2 games are played on same field)
Sunday night games = 6pm

1-VM CLEANING (Pollock) 7-GASTRO (Bykofsky) 13-PARABOLIC (Sarcona)
2-RCF (Brock) 8--OVOX (Goldfarb) 14-ACE (Ferrarese)
3-LHRGC (LaRocca) 9--LJK (Harris) 15-CK's (Lombardi)
4-ACTION AUTO (Jacoby) 10-NJ SALT (Marrone) 16-FRADKIN LAW (Fradkin)
5-CBP (Schefkind) 11-SENTINEL (Granese) 17-HOT CORNER (Randell)
6-PRINCETON (Wallman) 12-JIFFY LUBE (Apple) 18-VACATIONS (Lapine)

 Bench selection – Regular season home team gets choice of field bench.  During playoffs, the higher seeded team selects bench choice

    SWIM early SWIM late EF MANAL #3 MIDDLE MAR EL MUNI UHL UHR   UHL-nite UHR-nite  
1 14-Apr 1v6   14v17 9v10 7v12 3v4 8v11 2v5 16v15   13v18    
  21-Apr                         EASTER
2 28-Apr 15v14 7v11 10v12 4v6* 1v5 16v18 17v13 2v3 8v9        
3 5-May 7v10 3v5 1v4   11v9 13v16 2v6 8v12 14v18   15v17    
4 12-May 12v11 2v4 15v13 9v7 10v8 6v5 3v1 14v16 18v17       Mothers Day
5 19-May 4v5 14v18* 1v2 10v11 (3) 16v17 3v6 9v12 18v15 7v8        
1v4 13v14 (1) 15v17 3v5    
6 26-May 8v2 15v12 3v9 13v10 11v14 1v7 4v16 17v5 6v18       Memorial Day
7 2-Jun 17v6 2v9 13v12 8v1 (3) 3v7     5v16 15v11        
12v11 4v18 (2) 10v14     6v5 18v15*      
8 9-Jun 8v3 3v1 2v7 17v4 6v16 13v11 1v9 15v10 12v14   5v18    
7v10 2v6 14v16 15v13 8v12    
9 16-Jun 18v9 2v11 10v1 5v14 15v6 13v4 12v3 8v17 16v7       Fathers Day
10 23-Jun 7v17 18v17 13v5 12v2 10v3 18v8 15v4 16v9 1v11   6v14    
13v16* 11v9    
11 30-Jun 15v5 16v8 3v11 12v1  13v6 9v17 18v7 4v14 10v2        
9v7 2v4        
12 7-Jul 7v4 1v13 10v16 3v15 12v18 14v2 5v8 17v11 9v6        
13 14-Jul 17v10 7v5 11v18 6v8 9v4 12v16 2v15 14v1 3v13       Over/Under
14 21-Jul 4v8 7v6 14v3 11v16 10v18 2v13 17v12 1v15 9v5       AllStar Game
15 28-Jul 16v1   18v3 7v13 2v17 14v8 9v15 4v10 11v5 6v12       Mayors Trophy
16 4-Aug 12v10 9v8 3v2 18v16 5v1   14v15 11v7 6v4 13v17        
17 11-Aug 16v13 18v14 6v2 4v1  17v15 12v8 5v3 10v7 9v11        
18 18-Aug 17v18 18v1 16v14 5v6 4v2 7v9   13v15 11v12   1v3 8v10  
19 25-Aug 2v1 14v13 8v7 11v10       6v3 5v4     12v9  
15v18     17v16    
  1-Sep RAIN MAKEUPS        
  8 or 8:30                          
  10 or 10:30                          
  * = TBD                          
  WED - 8PM UHL UHR                      
  1-May 5v12 16v2                      
  8-May 3v17 9v13                      
  15-May 18v1 8v15                      
  22-May 6v10 11v4                      
  29-May 14v7 1v17                      
  5-Jun 8v13 4v12*                      
  12-Jun 18v2 5v10                      
  19-Jun 7v15 16v3*                      
  26-Jun 8v15 14v9                      
  3-Jul 18v13 5v2                      
  10-Jul 4v3 12v7                      
  17-Jul 11v6 10v9                      
  24-Jul 6v1  17v14                      
  31-Jul 15v16 9v13                      
  7-Aug 3v17 18v1                      
  14-Aug 14v7 1v17                      
  21-Aug 11v8 16v3                      
  28-Aug 7v15 3v17                      
  4-Sep PLAY IN GAME                      
  BOLD = rescheduled                        

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