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By: Jason Younger, Frank LaRocca, Mitch Pollock, Mike Ferrarese and Justin Bykofsky



Mayronie (NJ SALT)
Captain Mayronie spent the offseason doing what he does, slinging salt and jockeying for a later round for himself. Anyone who will listen had to hear how he should be a 7; he’s old, his shoulder, his balls, etc. etc. Back to the action…Glen had himself a goddamn great draft. First off, I like combo picks, especially if you are checking off key positions in the process. Glen did just that in grabbing the Blackburn brothers at 1 and 3 (next year I predict a 1/2) taking care of his SS and LCF. Didn’t DiMarco bring these guys into the league? How is it he brings so much talent to this league but none to his own team? But I digress… Grabbing Amadeo in the 2nd gives him a second big time outfielder and a backup infielder in case anyone is out. And for the 4th round… Jared Goldberg?!?! We’re talking about a perennial 1st rounder going in the 4th! While he is not the SS he once was (no offense Jared, but your glove at shortstop is in worse shape than your dad’s original hip), however, he should give strong defense at 3B while still rocking homers. Huge bargain… back to the action… Captain NaCl spent the rest of the draft getting vets that can play versatile roles defensively (Krant, Spear) with nice OBP's and used his last 5 spots getting first basemen. But in the 9th round… Brad Randell??? He’s been hitting .500 consistently and while he may be relegated to 1B, will be a huge asset in the lineup. Overall, the Salt Man Cometh.

Record: 15 & 7 (DIVISION WINNER)

Hitting: A-

Defense: A-

Speed: B

Pitching: A-


Potential Award Winners:

Rookie of the Year: Blackburn(s)

Manager of the Year: Marrone

Best Value Pick in the Draft: Randell



First of all, WTF happened to the free hoodies?!?! LOL, Ok everyone figures Kleschinksy boys round 1 and then Rock just hopes the Broome brothers make it back round 2!  Carlins 4-5 and lets call it a day.  By the way call 1-800 DIVORCE! NOWWWWWWW.

ANALYSIS - Frank was looking to see if someone shoved a horseshoe up his A** when he was lucky enough to have returning cocky SOB stud short-stop Nick Martino fall into his lap at #8 overall.  Now the question was, would the Kleschinksy brothers make it back to him round 2?  That wouldn't be possible would it?  Would it?!?  Well apparently it would and while Frank continued to look for that horseshoe the K-boys came home in the middle of rounds 2-3.  Now lets just hope Mikey doesn't cut off any more fingers.  Judge selected the Carlins as predicted 4-5 and all was seeming locked away for Frank like a cheating spouse in his courtroom.  He wasn't done yet though.  The Picasso of the Marlboro Trade Machine then sprung into action trading Nick Martino!!!!!!  WTF why?  The Broomes are good we all know, and Andy as a 7 is STUPID VALUE, but Nick Martino is potentially going to win the 2020 MVP!  The trade I believe netted Frank a an extra 6th round pick for an 8th round pick to swap Martino, SCHWAG, and Cruz for Broome, Broome and JUICE.  It was a gamble for Frank for sure, but he gets to reassemble his semi-final team from just a year ago and adds a 6th round pick to the package!  The extra 6th rounder netted Judge speedy mega upside OF Dynov, while he then followed up with Malagold round 10 who was a key member of LHRGC teams in the past, and a solid bat in Joe O round 11.  Not bad at all. Expect a very strong regular season from the Judge and Co.  The only question that remains is will Martino haunt LaRocca not only just on Facebook posts but also in his dreams?????  Time will tell...


POST-DRAFT QUESTION - Why not just keep Martino? Other than that all aces for the Rock.


PLAYOFF PREDICITION - K-boys, Broomes, Carlins, Dynov Juice is some top 8..holy shinto.  This team will be the division winner and likely be knocking of the door of the semi-finals to try and avenge last year's defeat.


RECORD: 14-8


BEST PICKS: Kleschinskys and Carlins 2-3-4-5.



Offense : A

Defense: B

Speed B+

Pitching: A-



DEF OF: K Kleschinsky

DEF INF: M Broome


CY YOUNG: R. Carlin

MGR OF YEAR: The Judge


Steinberg (InterCounty Mortgage) 

As many of you know from either fantasy leagues or even this one, having the #1 overall pick can sometimes be more  of a burden than a gift. Instead of selecting the player you truly want to take, you feel compelled to take the player you feel you’re supposed to take. Luckily for Steinberg, this was a year where it makes total sense to take the consensus #1 pick with the Bomenblitt package (Although this author is still biased and would have gone with the recent back to back MVP winner Eluit Infante). Odds are stacked up against a rookie captain in the draft room and Evan certainly benefited from having the Bomenblitts fall into his lap. 


The Bomenblitts’ versatility would allow Evan to go in any direction he wanted to in the third round. The decision to draft Joraskie is a solid one if he is manning LCF since his value is being a top outfielder. Otherwise, Evan could have picked from a couple of top notch pitchers. Evan’s solid draft continued with the Goddard, Difedele, Katz selections. Goddard had a breakout season and fits perfectly at the top of this lineup while offering even more versatility on the team(That seems to be a running theme here) and Difedele continues to show nice range in the infield. Missed games for Dan would be a problem for most teams, but not on this squad when a number of players can fill in at multiple positions. Katz is a great selection especially since the pitching reins are being handed to the rookie, Jeff Goddard. Katz will be ready to step in if a change needs to be made. In fact, the solid picks continue for the rest of the draft as well. Feingold was four innings away from being the everyday left fielder for a championship team and is a steal in the 9th round. 


It’s hard projecting where everyone is going to play on this team, but an OF consisting of Bomenblitt, Joraskie, Goddard, Feingold is outstanding and then when you add in an infield consisting of one of the best third basemen in the league(Captain Steinberg), a gold glove caliber SS(Bomenblitt) and a solid Difidele at 2B and we are talking about one of the best defensive teams in the league. Offensively, they could use 1 or 2 more bats, but there’s enough here considering the all-star defense. The biggest question on this team will be if Jeff Goddard can hold his own on the mound. Katz is ready to back up, but it’s the one potential achilles heel on a very solid team. Out of the three rookie captains, Steinberg had the best draft and should be in the mix for a division title.


Projected Record: 13-9

Offense: B

Defense: A

Speed: B+

Pitching: B-


Potential Award Winners: 

MVP: Eric Bomenblitt and RIchie Bomenblitt

Defensive Infielder: Eric Bomenblitt



In typical Lapine fashion, he appeared from a remote location at this year’s draft to only be seen as a blue hologram on Doug’s table (see Obi Won Kenobi in Return of the Jedi). Even chosen son-in-law Getz was not present to mediate in this usually loud room. Overall, I must say this year’s draft was much quieter and more subdued and didn’t require Jomo to posture around yelling for everyone to shut their mouths… instead he just paced around nodding his head in approval of the fear he had instilled the year before that kept everyone quiet. With an early pick, there featured a “Big 6” to choose from and Lapine got a great pick in Infante to start off a strong draft. He followed that up with long-time Lapinette, Joe Spoto who brings an equally strong bat to match Infante. In the third round, Denny went with the rookie Tim George who had an impressive tryout and could have tremendous upside. Some nice bargains after in the Preiss combo and Roland in the 5th which is a steal offensively. The Preiss pick is interesting because it provides SS caliber defense at the 2B spot. Now last I heard, Spoto was hoping to play solely infield. This would create an infield of Spoto/S. Preiss, Infante, L. Preiss, Taub/Yigdal which is definitely formidable with very reliable pitching with Karp on the mound. The concern Lapine faces is the outfield which I assume to be anchored by Getz/Roland/Yigdal/Rosenthal/George? Listen, I love Phil Getz as much as any heterosexual man could love another man, but this outfield does look a little shaky… veteran players, but will the legs hold up as this outfield is getting into the “more susceptible for COVID19” age range (Doug, seriously take this out if turns out any of them catch it). Back to the action. Those concerns aside, I’m a believer in infield defense being the difference maker and wherever this team slips in the outfield will surely be compensated by the mix of power hitting (Infante/Spoto) and setting the table hitting (Getz/Roland/Yigdal/Preiss’). I predict a potential semi-finals team…


Record: 12 & 10

Hitting: A-
Defense: B
Speed: C+
Pitching: B


Potential Award Winners:


MVP & Best Infielder Infante

Manager of the Year: Lapine

OPY: Spoto

Best Value Pick in the Draft: Roland



Drashinsky (GASTRO)
In his first draft, young Seth prepared thoroughly, even reaching out to me to pose questions about the Bomenblits. As he and I had picks number 16 and 17 respectively, I had to break it to him that we had no shot at the Wonder Twins, but if there were a chance, Seth would have to out-suck me for them (if you find yourself reading that slowly and repeatedly… it’s ok since we’re quarantined). After reality set in, young Seth set a game plan for his team which appeared to be getting his buddies together mixed with piecing together known guys to fill in any gaps. For his first two picks, Seth went with Dinapoli and Goldrosen giving him some nice offensive firepower off the bat. Seth followed that up with an experienced shortstop in Weiss and then selected everyone that he split the limo with for senior prom. Of course, I’m all for playing with your guys, however I think he is sacrificing a bit in the ways of defense. Yes, Daddy D is a solid pitcher (as is Marty for that matter), but after Weiss, Goldrosen, and Dinapoli, I think fielding a lockdown infield or outfield is going to be a challenge for the favorite Drashinsky son. If he has key guys missing from games, he's going to struggle.

Record: 9-13

Hitting: B-

Defense: C

Speed: B+

Pitching: B


Potential Award Winners:

OPY: Dinapoli

Rookie Manager of the Year: Drashinsky (nominee)

Best Value Pick in the Draft: Safchik


The author of this write up was the one that suggested Anthony be awarded the vacant captainship and in return Dimarco likely cost the author his board seat.  Dimarco one of Marlboro’s finest found out quickly that there are few friends in the draft room.  When Lapine selected Spoto in round 2, Dc looked at Dimarco and I quote “I told you they would be there for you”.  DC was talking about AD’s good friends Roegiers and Spechio but DC spoke wayyyyy too soon as the next 2 picks off the board were the 2 fellas just mentioned.  The stunned and tough AD stayed on his feet from the body blows and selected Saglietto and Big Mark Z to give AD 3 monster bats.  But stunned AD was left wobbly for the remainder of the draft and must have forgotten that defense is an important part of softball. The rookie captain has a solid hitting squad with a lot of maybe pitchers, 1st basemen and catchers.  There is no doubt this team will score runs but while I don’t know the record for runs against since stats have been kept, I’m guessing this team will give up way more.  Dimarco’s smartest move was creating job security by drafting his chief’s brother in the 8th.  3 write ups down and 3 play in contenders named – who will be the 4th????   Good luck this season rookie

Record: 8-14

Hitting: A

Defense: C-

Speed: B+

Pitching: B




WALLMAN (Monmouth Spine)

PRE-DRAFT ANALYSIS -Todd "I promise I'm not playing short-stop blah blah blah" Wallman is always in good shape when his good buddies on the board have him locked away as a 5th round pick.  Most thought that if Todd had a no-doubter pick he would be more than happy to stay put, or else he'd probably be content with either Callow or Becker falling into his lap.  Then most figured he would scoop JY and DC along the way and try to surround his core with the typical solid picks he's known for in the draft room. Well Todd ended up drawing "lucky number 13" and as it turned out he ended up with a monster team...


ANALYSIS - Round 1 and 2 went exactly according to how the Bykofsky Draft Index (BDI) predicted.  Becker and his brother (somehow rated a 9!) were selected with Monmouth Spine's first pick offering TW a stud bat and guy who can still pitch even when his BAC is wayyyy over the legal limit. Round 2 he took the league's newest pariah and Facebook connoisseur Fred Lugos (who does happen to hit .650 and play a great LCF by the way).  Many people were afraid of the semi truth telling, wise cracking, stud OFer who makes proclamations such as "Todd is an un-athletic jewish guy!  How is he a 5?!?"   I personally enjoy the antics and TW is going to have to now as well.   Clampffer round 3 was surprising with the personality mix of this crew, but not according to the BDI (all about value!). This also moved Becker into whatever position needed and gave Wallman the "Ace of the league" on the mound.  JY went in the 4th round as predicted, followed by 6th round stud lefty bat Schindelheim to keep things calm in the clubhouse. Then TW stole his 7th rounder D Meyer (another BDI value pick) to man the hot corner.  The aforementioned Becker brother I predict to be a steal at 9 and Gyemisi is a solid bat at 11.  Trading Tripodi for DC is silly but you do get perks (such as a sweet rating every yr!) when you roster your BFF/boardmember who you pray will catch a routine fly-ball in RF.  This team has a good OF with Lugos Becker and Zim manning the primary positions, Clampf up the middle is as good as it gets, and they have a well above average offensive lineup with potentially 10 guys who have the ability to hit over .400.  While some questions remain about the personalities TW assembled, on the field, I expect a semi-dominant and division winning season from this Wallman team, especially if the left side IF of Meyer-Wallman can hold up.  


POST DRAFT QUESTION - Maybe take a power bat round 3 and let Becker pitch?


PLAYOFF PREDICTION - Talent wise, if this team doesn't make the Final 4 it will be a disappointing season.  They have a solid lineup filled with picks who pretty much can be expected to produce equal to or better than where they were drafted.  If the personalities mesh watch out!




BEST PICKS - Lugos-Schindelheim-Meyer-Zim    2-6-7-8




Offense: A

Defense: A

Speed:  C

Pitching: A+



MVP - F Lugos

DEF OF - F Lugos

OFF Player - Becker

CY Young - Clampffer

MGR of Year - T Wallman


Fradkin (Fradkin Law): 

If Marlboro Chicks dig the long ball they best be checking the league website to see where Team Fradkin is playing each week. The captain who has scored the most runs over the last two seasons will not disappoint in that department with a power filled draft. One of the worst kept secrets (Was it even a secret?) was that Fradkin was going to take good friend Chris Yee in the second round. If the league plans on walking Fradkin a lot this year, Yee will often make them pay. 


Joe Tracy in the third round can be the pick that makes Team Fradkin go from above average to the upper echelon. Although Tracy’s regular season was fine, his post-season was a revelation. The author of this writer is still bitter about his dominance both offensively and defensively in the finals. If that level of play continues this year, Fradkin can be a powerhouse. I don’t remember my notes on Robert Jacob’s tryouts and it’s hard to judge based on the youtube videos, but I did hear Doug Cohen go “woo” and “nice shot” a bunch of times, so he could be a great addition to an already formidable lineup. It will also be interesting to see if Jeremy Levine’s 2019 breakthrough will continue. If he bats close to his .583 from last year, he will prove to be one of the best bargains of the draft.


With the offense clearly being the strength of this team, I think they might struggle defensively. However, Tracy is great in LCF, and I think rookie Jacob Smallkin will do very well at what I’m presuming will be second base. Fradkin will also need to continue improving on the mound and limit the base on balls for the runs against to be kept in the single digits. Those chicks who came because they dig the long balls might lose interest when Fradkin’s team is in the field.


Projected Record: 12-10

Offense: A

Defense: C+

Speed: B+

Pitching: B- 


Potential Award Winners:

Offensive Player of the Year: Ed Fradkin

Most Responsible For Outfield Shifts: Fradkin and Yee

Best Defensive Outfielder: Joe Tracy

Most Likely to Give The Author of This Prediction PTSD From Last Year’s Finals: Tracy and Joe Podos. 


Schefkind (Ovox Gym):

More than perhaps any other team in the league, you know what Team Schefkind is going to look like heading into the draft. Hard-nosed veterans, a few Monochios, and Leo Friedlich. That last part was a close call this year. In what must have been the most subdued draft ever in Marlboro Softball, the biggest fireworks came at the end when team staple Leo Friedlich was selected by Lapine late in the draft. After a trade and what I imagine a few expletives later, Leo was reunited with Schef and all was right in the draft room/warehouse/secret meeting place for mob bosses.


But back to the beginning. Going into the draft, the prevailing thought was that Schef would use the fact that, how do I put this lightly, not every captain would want to draft Lugos to his advantage. Lugos played like a first rounder but could be taken in the second round. To those of us watching from home it looked like Schefkind took Pat Brock with the first pick, which makes sense until one realizes Brock is under the age of 40. That wouldn’t fit this team’s philosophy. A trade with Bykofsky to land him Tryout Highlight Matt Rhine set things right. Matt Rhyne looked great at third base and impressed at tryouts, but there is a lot of pressure on him being the big bat in this lineup. To play like a first round pick offensively as a rookie is hard to accomplish. 


2nd round pick Corde had a great season and can produce like a first rounder offensively. That production will be needed, especially if Schef can’t get 100% healthy. Out of the eight picks from Rounds 3-10, six of them were the same players as last year’s 11-11 squad. One doesn’t really need to look into a crystal ball to predict how this season will go; one just has to go to marlborosoftball.com and check out the 2019 standings.


At least I think that will be the best case scenario this year. With the league getting younger with all of Dimarco’s buddies coming in, Schefkind’s team is headed in the opposite direction. With six members of the club ages 58 or higher, I think the team may have a tough time if the league is forced to schedule more double headers due to the delayed start to the season. I feel I’m looking at a team that doesn’t have glaring weaknesses like other teams but doesn’t necessarily have any strengths either.   


Projected Record: 10-12


Offense: B-

Defense: B
Speed: C+

Pitching: B-


Potential Award Winners:

Rookie of the Year: Matt Rhine



PRE-DRAFT QUESTIONS/THOUGHTS - When the numbers came out and Apples, THE BACK 2 BACK CHAMPION!, pulled #11 most thought he would take everyone's favorite big mouthed short-stop Mike Conti and probably follow up round 2 with OF Melnyk if possible.  This made perfect sense giving that Apples won it all with this duo just a few years ago.  However, after some surprising selections in the top half of the draft, things ended up going much differently than we all thought...



ANALYSIS - When Conti got selected #7 overall that left Apples with a few options with his first round pick at 11 and he decided to go with 2019 Rookie of the Year Nick Turano and his brother Anthony Turano as a 1-3 combo.  Very very solid start.  He then selected Tracey round 2, not Melnyk, which seemed semi-suprising. However, he then went and traded Tracey for Melnyk later in the draft, weird, but I'm not arguing with the reigning b2b champion.  Selecting Intoci round 4 made sense considering he wanted to fill the SS position hoping Joe will have a bounce back year at the plate.  He passed on the Priess combo with this pick which was a bit surprising to most captains, especially considering Scotty's very good value as a 7th rounder added to the fact that they already played with the Turanos last year.  Lambo in the 6th round is a steal, and after he and Keenan kill it with Apples this year, Jacoby will be foaming from the mouth to take him round 3 again. Love ya LAMBO!  Jaeger and Fishman 7-8 is another quality combo pick that gives them positional flexibility while helping to maintain the core of last year's championship squad.  Second year players Rising and Miranda he took 9-10 which seemed about right according the Bykofsky Draft Index (BDI).  If one of them breaks out with the bat Apples could be looking very smart.  While some people may be hating on Apples team I believe they have enough guys who are versatile on defense to be able to survive on that side of the ball.  The lineup is solid up and down with power threats Nick and Derek in the middle of the lineup, while Rising and Fishman provide upside at the bottom of the lineup. I think Apples will be better than most expect, their record just may not indicate that if they struggle to win when Nick Turano misses games.


POST-DRAFT QUESTION- Why not just pick Melnyk in round 2 to start with?


PLAYOFF PREDICTION - Apples trips rounding first base in round 1-sprains his ankle, his team then goes on a run without him to win it all...sounds familiar right?


RECORD - 10-12





Offense: B-

Defense: B

Speed: B-

Pitching: B



MVP: Nick Turano

DEF OF: Nick Turano

CY YOUNG : Lambo



Goldfarb (Sentinel)

Let’s start by reflecting how lucky Goldfarb has been over the past few years in picking early in the first round. Taking away protected first round picks, Goldfarb had the 4th selection in 2017,1st selection in 2018, 3rd selection in 2019, and 2nd selection this year. It is hard to mess up such an early pick and Jeff Paglio will surely dominate the league his rookie year similarly to how Paster did a few years ago. With the second round selection, Goldy went with Pat Specchio. There is no question Phil is a great offensive player and an outfielder, but the question will be can he hold down the SS position for the whole year. 


By picking Alfieri, Spann, and Danser with his next three selections, Goldfarb made it clear he’s building his team around young, speedy outfielders while kicking his son Alex out to play second base. Those three plus Paglio makes a formidable outfield. Next, Goldfarb got one of the steals of the draft by getting Drapkin, one of the best pitchers in the league, in the 7th round. If Team Goldfarb has a good year, this is going to be the pick that ends up being the most important. 


Next comes two second year players in Wallenstein and Fazzino who both hit close to .400 in their rookie campaigns. A .400 average from an 8th and 9th pick is solid, but they’re going to have to step it up to help a team that might need an extra bat in the middle of the lineup. 10th round pick Mike Iorio had perhaps his best season yet hitting .397, so a similar season might also give this team an offensive spark in the second half of the lineup that they will need.


I usually think very highly of Goldfarb teams right after the draft, but I think this club has its work cut out for them. Other than Phil Specchio, no other player on this team hit above .400 last season. Some of that can just be attributed to players having down years, but if 2019 repeats itself, the  team is going to have trouble putting up runs consistently. While the OF defense is solid, the infield defense features key positions being played by guys primarily known for being outfielders. This is an athletic team that will track down fly balls, run well on the bases, and pitch well. I just don’t think they’ll hit enough to be one of the top teams this year.


Projected Record: 10-12


Hitting: B-

Defense: B

Speed: A

Pitching: A


Potential Award Winners: 

Rookie of the Year: Jeff Paglio

Offensive Player of the Year: Jeff Paglio

Cy Young: Darren Drapkin




The question wasn’t who was rookie Captain Pat (technically his 2nd time around) taking with his lottery pick, the question most wondered - would Pat actually still be a captain come draft time.  When the draft doors opened at 5pm the league had their answer, PP was the first captain to arrive and looked calm like he just got a release from the Asian massage parlor next door.  PP started the draft going chalk taking the beast known as Paster and followed up with 2 known rookie studs in Roegiersand Valentino.  Late in round 4 however things took an interesting turn when PP selected the combo Rosenstocks who many projected would be drafted 2 rounds lower also forcing one of the brothers to become his 6 pick as the captain had his 7thround blocked.  In the 8th he took rookie unknown Suga Ray and followed up with 2 solid veterans in G Cohen and M Persily.  PP known for his angry and intense disposition grabbed the league’s biggest cheerleader when he yelled out “LET’S GO GRANT”.  Paster and Roegiers make a great middle outfield duo and Val brings a great glove for up the middle infield defense – the big question who plays 3rd and 2nd???  The top 3 on this team are so good that they could make this team respectable and the captain who leads the lead in jackets can’t be taken lightly.  A huge relief that Pat made it to the draft and the league wishes him good luck on his second go around.


Projected Record: 9-13


Offense: B

Defense: B
Speed: C

Pitching: B+




Bykofsky (HOT CORNER)

For years we have listened to the rants of Captain Byko about his assignment as a #1 slotted pick in the draft.  While the point is certainly debatable, it appears moot for 2020 as Byko…in a fugazi deal with Shef….lands his long sought after number 1 and close bud Pat Brock to help him shut down the outfield.   The move left rook Captain Seth Drashinsky slightly stunned as he watched in anticipation as Brock almost slid to him at 16.   With the outfield set up nicely, Justin focused on the infield landing his perennial 3 – Polguy – and selecting the Pargament combo at 4 – 6.  In big daddy Pargy Bykofsky landed himself one of the best defensive first basemen in the league (and backup pitcher) as well as a steady left handed bat who can be counted on for batting over .500.  More valuable than the father (IMHO) is young Joey Pargament at 6.  This kid really turned heads while on team miserable’ (aka Fradkin) where he proved he can play well at virtually any position.  At 5 and 8 Hot Corner sured up some power with Mean Gene Conselyea and Jeff Turner.  Remarkably, at 8/9, speedy defensive outfielder Larry Rubin and pitcher Alan Rubin were still available.  Smart choice in that spot.   At 10, Byko selects solid fielding co-worker; and, premier MMS scout, Anslow.  This is followed by everyone’s favorite teammate Schiffman at 11.  Schiff can handle 1st base duties when Andy P either needs a rest or is pitching.  In one of his smartest moves Byko selects the Bickoffs at 12/13 helping him avoid having the last selection in the draft.

Predicted record: 13-9 (DIVISION WINNER)

Tough division for Captain Byko.  Of the 6 teams, he and 2 others rate in the top 5 in the coaches preseason poll.  That said, I feel that Byko has a complete team with speed and power.

Grades for:

Hitting: B+

Pat Brock and Justin Bykofsky leading off any order is dangerous, especially with Andy, Gene, Polguy and Jeff ready to drive them in.  If Anslow continues to improve (he hit the ball hard this preseason), he and the Rubins can also produce some runs…all followed up with the Hebrew Hammer and son.  This team will score runs.

Defense: A-

With the Brock/Byko combo in the middle of the defensive outfield, it is hard to imagine anything getting through.  Larry Rubin in right (or left) leaves Gene C manning the other corner.  This is a premier defensive outfield.  The infield is also very solid with Joey P anticipated at 3B, Polguy at SS and Andy P at 1st.   It appears Anslow will get the 2B duties and again, if he continues to improve, we have a solid defensive core.

Speed: A

Despite the complete and utter lack of speed at the 5,6,7 spots (love you guys) this team has base running and outfield speed that is well above average.

Pitching: B+
Love the Rubin pick, not only for the young speedster Larry, but for the savvy veteran Alan who has shown he can really pitch in this league.

Potential Award Winners:

Defensive Outfielder: Brock and Byko




Via facetime, captain Bobito sat in a spot believing that “his guy” Justin Callow would fall to him in the 9 hole.   While he may have winced at some of the trade rumblings to steal him away, he was correct and Bobby landed his man in TDOW JC.  Is it possible to go wrong in any draft when you start off with JC?  The answer is YES!  However, not in 2020.  At 2 Bobby selects slugger 1B/Pitcher/2B/Stud David “Doc” Silverberg, who comes with (hopefully) Day 2 Austin Silverberg.   When you draft 2 guys that can put the ball over the fence at Union Hill, who do you draft in the 3 spot?  Another guy that can put the ball over the fence at Union Hill in Pitcher Dave Polzer.  Although not incredibly known for the long ball, people should recall that Dave is a former home run derby winner and has, in one unforgettable playoff, hit a walk-off home run to win the game.  Harris then takes the “Krauss pick” reuniting Austin and Zach in the outfield as well as adding JKrauss, Russ and Soskell.  While many thought that this pick was “perfect” for Fradkin, Bobby selects them in this spot possibly pushing Callow back to SS? Bobby added versatile players in Walker and Billy Boy, as well as veteran Messinger leaving himself at the 13.


Predicted record: 12 – 10

While also rated in the top 5 in the preseason poll, this team is also in a very tough division and I give Pollock and Byko the edge.

Grades for:

Hitting: A

Good blend of long ball and high average hitters with some speed mixed in.

Defense:  B+

It appears that the outfield will be Krauss LF, Krauss LC, Silverberg RC and combo in R with Walker and Ciaglia at 2B/3B.  Big Dave at 1st (stud) and JC at short.

Speed:  B+

The 2 Krauss kids are lightning fast.  Austin is only fast when chasing a rabbit.  JC still has speed and the rest are average in the speed department.

Pitching: A-

Polzer is a top level pitcher in this league and it is amazing that Bobby landed him at 3.

Potential Award Winners:

Comeback Player of the Year:  Doc Silverberg – hard to say Doc is coming back from anything, but a lean healthy full season of Doc who has added some things to his repertoire may dominate this year.

Most Improved: Billy Boy Chiusano – without Byko bringing him down this bird is ready to fly (like a cross between a penguin and a buzzard).



ACE (Ferrarese...did I spell that right?)

PRE-DRAFT ANALYSIS - The question most had was how would Cowboy Mike figure out a way to get into the top 2 draft slots to be able to take the Bomenblitts this year?  Well once the numbers came out and captains who actually appreciate getting the top duo in the league handed to them in their lap had the top spots, we knew the mad cowboy would have trouble moving up to get his boys.   Most figured with a late 1st rounder he we would take Dunleavy and then obviously the Podolla-Thomas combo later on...


ANALYSIS - I think the social distancing has really downed the spirits of Cowboy Mike.  Ferrarese was very serious throughout the draft night and I cannot recall even one moment of comic relief coming from him.  He was even more polite than Seth Drashinsky when the two traded later on in the night.  I didn't think that was possible!  Well Mr. Serious drafted a solid ball club selecting STUD Chase Sandler in the first round and Dunleavy as predicted in the 2nd.  This gave ACE two .600 hitting bats who can defend right away, no complaints about that!  Round 3 ACE took podcast and sanity savior Scott Seidenberg (damn thats some good alliteration) to provide some more pop in the lineup.  4th round he took Gluck to play SS, and now things were looking good for Cowboy with all his primary positions filled.  5th round he took Ballo and traded him for Ferro which helped add to the OF depth.  Laconte 6th is always a good value as he can play OF and provide a dangerous bat.  7th round he took Podolla-Thomas as predicted and Cowboy himself is a steal as an 8th round pitcher who can actually hit.  Toran-Sandler 10-11 is decent value as well.  Expect a good not great season from ACE as they drew a very tough division. However, if they can figure out the right side of their IF they will be dangerous for anyone to face every Sunday.


POST DRAFT QUESTION - Will ACE be able to rely on anyone outside of their 123 picks to consistently contribute at the plate?  Will Cowboy Mike ever tell a joke again?  Will we even play this season?!?!


POST SEASON PREDICTION - I see them maybe winning their first round matchup, and if the rest of their lineup produces they can make a run.


RECORD - 11-11


BEST PICKS - Sandler round 1, Toran round 10



Offense: C+

Defense: B-

Speed:  B-

Pitching: B-



MVP - C Sandler

DEF OF - K Dunleavy

OFF Player - C Sandler

MGR of Year - Cowboy Mike





There are only 6 things in life guaranteed

1. Taxes

2. Death

3. No matter where Captain Jacoby (GG from here on out) picks in the draft he will take his beloved commissioner Jomo

4. Bobby Harris will continue to confuse Luke Callow into thinking Bobby is the only captain in Marlboro Men’s Softball League

5. The older captains are the most ruthless people in draft – they will pickoff anyone’s friends without hesitation or an ounce of remorse.

6. Come the JY 7/4 bash when Captain GG is sub .500 and heading for his 3rd straight play in game while under the influence of 2 gummies and several raspberry vodkas GG will be telling anyone willing to listen “Jomo and MG were friendship picks”.

Now onto GG’s draft – pick 1 was predictable and pick 2 was a gift as GG stole 2018 stud D Saler as a mid 2.  The 3rd pick which was probably the best value of the entire draft was getting MG as a late 3.  MG could also be GG’s worst regular season pick as his stud shortstop is slated to miss 6 to 8 games.  Hopefully Juska is as good as billed and can slide in nicely for the missing MG otherwise this team will struggle up the middle.  Papa Yockel is still a beast hitter and solid pitcher so when the whole squad is there this team will be solid.  4 news guys is always risky but there is enough talent from the veterans to make this team very dangerous come playoffs when attendance is not an issue.  The goods news is that the Jamoby Awesome Foursome is back together for poolside sunsets and Colts Neck wine tasting.  The bad news is they will likely have to play a 23rd game in order to make the post season.  One final mention – GG is the only captain in the history of the league that must have his wife vet and approve players before he can draft them.  3 times during draft gg was heard saying “it’s the right pick here but I can’t take him because LJ hates his game”.  ABSOLUTELY BAFFLING





Offense: B

Defense: B

Speed:  B-

Pitching: C




Oh no, what is going to happen if Mitch is a 2?  Will the Soup Nazi be right? Will they be able to trade for Eliut?  Will they take the Broomes if they don’t get a premier SS at 1?  Blah blah blah blah blah.  Mitch was a 3, and as a slightly over weight middle aged man who every once and a while will hit a BOMB, that is where he belongs.  In the 10 spot, they had no shot at Infante, Martino, Conti, or Bomenblitt, so they take the no brainer easy pick here, defensive outfielder of the year and my neighbor Joe Peragine (Joe has a history of playing some pretty damn good SS btw).  As predicted, by the time their number 2 pick came around the next best defensive shortstop available was Broome.  As the K brothers now fell to LaRocca in the 2nd, a deal was in the making and Pollock traded his 6 and the Broome combo for LaRocca’s 8 and Martino.  Both sides happy and not the first time a stud #1 shortstop was traded away for the Broomes (they have red hair and are not very handsome so it must have something to do with softball).  Pollock comes back with the “Paladino Pick” to fill his 4, 8 and 12 spots.  Mike is solid at 4 and playing 2B will give Pollock perhaps his best defensive infield in years.  With JoeyP and Mitch set in the OF, Pollock turns to familiar J Rosenzwaig for some outfield assistance.  Cruz is then selected for the 1B/P combo with Captain Matt.  Rookies Kane and Simons (looked great at 3B also) and the Scorekeeper round out the 2020 VM Cleaning team. 

Predicted Record:            12-10

While this team is selected 1 in the captains poll, I am not convinced that this outfield can come together in a way to provide enough defense in the tough division they are in.  Still a very solid team with STUDS Nick Martino and Dr. Joey P.

Grades for:

Hitting:  A-

Top 4 picks will bat over .500  Some power in Szwag and possible Kane.  Likely only 2 hitters will be sub .400 on this team.

Defense: Infield A+; Outfield C+; Average B+

Nick at Short. If I needed to say more, Paladino/Simmons at 3B and Mike P at 2B with Matt/Cruz at 1B  - smooth.

Speed: C+

Not much speed on this team after Joey P and Eddie P.  Martino is quick.  The rest of the guys can break up double plays.

Pitching: B

The Cruz/Pollock combo will throw strikes and play solid D.

Potential Award Winners:

Defensive Infielder: Nick Martino

Defensive Outfielder: Joe Peragine

Charlie Hustle: The Scorekeeper (the guy can still hit by the way – very well and to all fields)


Lombardi (Shore Smiles)

Sophomore Captain Jim Lombardi needs to stop listening to his consigliere Paul by keeping all softball business within the family.  Jim needs to learn to talk to other captains and get a feel for what might transpire come draft day rather than disclose nothing and look slightly confused when the draft begins.  Last year Lombardi was projected to be a play in team and when his squad started out 4&0 his players had shirts made up mocking the author of the prediction.  That story ended with the fighting Lombardis going 3&15 the rest of the way and not making the post season.  Unfortunately, the author of this write up sees the story continuing.  While there is no doubt Conti, JZ and E Rosenthal is a great start to a draft Captain Jim made many questionable and head scratching picks after that.  Most notable is taking a combo and moving the slotted 12 to 10.  Unless Jim knows something nobody else in the room knew – one must wonder if that giant stack of papers Jim brings to draft is actually blank!  All that said the team is filled with a lot of nice guys and will also have the luxury of playing a 23rd regular game.  COVID 19 might be the only thing that can save Jim’s season and keeping his team.


Projected Record: 7-15


Offense: C

Defense: B
Speed: C

Pitching: C
















































































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