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Marrone’s teams are like fingerprints. No two are ever alike. While a lot of pre- draft buzz would be whether Marrone would take Silverberg with the early pick or trade down in the first round to take him there, Glen zigged where we thought he would zag. Jeremy Paster’s selection makes it the third year in a row a rookie was taken with one of the first two picks in the draft. While sometimes this can be an overreach, Pastner has shown all early signs of being a great fit of the league and worthy of such a high selection. Marrone wisely followed up by drafting two great veteran OFers in Glen Roland and Andy Pargament.With Marrone as the 4, this is one of the best first four round picks of the draft. All key positions are covered with above average defenders and all of them can hit. What I love about the rest of Marrone’s draft is everyone fits in perfectly. I expect Evan Binder to take a great leap forward in his second year, and Chris Newman to be an absolute steal in the 7th round. Newman is the only 6th round or later pick who has hit .500+ four out of his last five years in the league. Every other pick in the draft hits very well for the round they are taken and they don’t sacrifice anything defensively. Mike Gilston is an amazing 13th round pick as well. Very few people know the league as well as he does. Solid fielding, exceptional hitting, veteran leadership anchored by one of the most promising rookies in recent memory makes this one of the top teams in the league.


Prediction: 15-7

Hitting: A

Defense: B+

Speed: B-

Pitching: A-


Potential Award Winners:

ROY: Jeremy Paster

Manager of the Year: Glen Marrone

Cy Young and Longest Delay Before Delivering a Pitch: Glen Marrone



Like most captains who win or come so close to winning the championship, the strategy early on seemed to be “Go with what got me there”. Taking Joroskie in the second round was an easy decision as Joe has the potential to go in the first round next year. Picking Billy Torres may have been a surprise based on where he has gone in past drafts, but everyone knows Billy’s reputation as being one of the best LFers in the league. Adding Colin Spann in the 4th might seem like a stretch since he went in the 6th round last year, but his power potential is much needed in a lineup that was mostly built around defense. In fact, Granese’s speedy outfield is nicely complimented by the sure handed infield of Michael Carle, Matt Granese, and gold glove second baseman Greg Long. A great defense means little without solid pitching and Granese locked up future Cy Young winner Jim Lombardi. Has a captain ever picked a pitcher this many years in a row? A draft expert should look into this. Overall, this team has excellent pitching and fielding. Whether the offense puts them over the 12 win mark will depend on if a few players can return to peak offensive years. As of now, I see Granese eeking out enough 6-5 victories to get to above .500 territory.


Prediction 12-10


Offense: B


Speed:  B+

Pitching: A-


Potential Award Winners:

Cy Young- Jim Lombardi

Best Defensive OFer- Joe Joraskie

Most Stolen Bases- Hy Bickoff



HOT CORNER (Bykofsky)

The draft got off to a predictable but strong start with the selection of good friends Bryan Jackson and Matt Polguy. The only thing that can stop a long playoff run is if there’s a Sunday wedding in September. Bykofsky spent most of the next hour channeling his inner Beilis and selecting mostly rookies. Look at that list! Mcelrath, Summerbell, Ross, Mallow. We all know it can sometimes be hard to evaluate talent based on one indoor or cold outdoor tryout in March. Justin Bykofsky’s most important contribution will not be his .600 average or gold glove play, it will be his eyes as a scout. Where these rookies go, so will the team. The newbies showed great defensive promise and with Darren Drapkin as the pitcher, they have a good chance at giving up the fewest runs in the league. The only question will be if there is enough offense to win the championship. Once again, the rookies will be the key to answering this question. Summerbell looked great in tryouts and has softball experience, but there’s always an adjustment period to the league. This is especially for players not used to the arc. Overall, defense and pitching will make this this team at the top echelon.


Prediction: 13-9


Offense: B

Defense: A

Speed: B+

Pitching: A


Potential Award Winners:


Best Defensive Outfielder: Justin Bykofsky

Manager of the Year: Justin Bykofsky

Cy Young: Darren Drapkin














CK BASEBALL (Paladino)

If there was one captain that couldn’t wait to put 2017 in his rear view mirror fast enough it was Paladino.  Fresh off a robust, 4 win season, Captain Mike had 3/25/18 circled on the calendar for months.  Immediately looking to make some noise in the draft room,  Mike and MG put together some whacky trade that got too convoluted for this author to discuss.  Needless to say, it seemed as if things might have spiraled out of control from that point on for the CK’s captain. KP comes in with both kids this year and will anchor an outfield that appears to have plenty of question marks on paper.  Goddard is a nice get in the middle of the 3rd but his desire to be on the infield could make matters a little tricky.  The newbie Sandler could be a stud in the making,  while Katz and Barlow add some solid thump in the middle of the lineup.  Defensive alignment will certainly be a key as this team finds its identity. IF things come together the way Mike envisions, there is some potential but at the moment too many question marks make it a big if.


Overall record 9-13

Offense B

Defense B-

Pitching C




Each year as the draft approaches, fake cuz TW and his round 4 gift tells anyone who will listen that he’s not playing shortstop.  In 2016 Conti was moved to the OF and TW to ss.  2017, the fella didn’t draft one.   Looking to buck the trend of the last two years Michigans’ favorite alum not named Doc Product, went to work with the 8thopen pick in the draft.  When rookie Calamia fell in his lap most in the room thought TW’s short stop days were over.  Not so fast however as the captain grabbed Becker with his first pick and good friend JY in the 2nd so you see where I’m going here?  Not many concerns offensively as Mabes Schindelheim, Turner, and Gene give this team plenty of bats and one of the more balanced lineups in the league.   On the flip side, there seem to be several defensive question marks that will keep TW awake on Saturday nights.  Javy makes his return to the league and where he plays will be a key to this teams success.  Becker and Seidel make for an excellent duo on the mound but there’s only room for one of them.. UTP Douglas Cohem might turn out to be the Ty Wiggington of this squad until they figure out who will play where. Hitting will keep them in most games, but the overall look of the defense still needs to get squared away.  One thing is for sure, TW will have shortstop on lockdown, at least for opening day anyway.


Overall Record 10-12

Offense- A-

Defense- C

Speed: little to none



RCF (Brock)

When you start with two of the top 10 players in the league, you can sleepwalk through the draft and still be competitive.  While the rest of us started at about 8:30am, JB walked the room without a care in the world until he finally grabbed the Priess duo when his turn came in the 4th round.  Lucas will be given the keys to ss while pops with his fine lid and fresh cowboy boots or the newbie Spencer Cohen will man the hot corner right next to him.   “You gotta send me” Pat Brock will once again anchor the outfield and be joined by PJ Wollman and one if not both of the Drashinkys.   Defensively this team should rival any in the league and their youth will serve them well during the dog days of summer.  Marty will be in the boot, but cheering for his man Marcel from the sidelines.  A great draft by Justin with a nice overall blend.  The only small question will be if they can hit enough with some of the bigger offenses in the league, but otherwise this team has the makings of being a real pain in the A—all summer long…


Overall record 15-7

Offense B+

Defense A

Pitching A-

Speed- A lot of it




































GASTRO (Randell)

Does anyone know what JZ, Clamp, Hernandez, Burnsy, Aronson, Kornhauser and Henryk have in common??  Answer: They have all been sentenced to softball life with the Skipper.  Bradley’s first 3 out of 4 picks were as predictable as ever and the 2018 season looked promising when things took and interesting and unexpected turn.   Without going into too much detail - papers in the front of the draft room were flying; (board member)s were storming out as chaos ensued.   When all the dust settled,9 of the 13 players on the Skipper’s roster were Randell regulars.  If not for Clamp this team would have single digit wins but Clamp is a game changer on the mound and a proven winner so they will win games.  New edition Weis at SS and JZ back in LCF give this team solid up the middle defense but they will have to hold teams too few runs as I don’t see team Bradley scaring anyone offensively. 

Prediction 10&12
Team Grade

Offense- A

Defense- B

Pitching- A

Speed- C



Captain Bobby had a nice early surprise when rookie stud Calamia fell to him at the 14th spot and he followed that pick up with former 1st rounder plus 35lbs Jared Goldberg.  The Krauss 4 combo pick gives Captain Bobby a full and solid outfield while newcomer Marinello will be a nice addition to the Harris infield.  The Kessler combo basically filled out the roster at that point only thing really left was a pitcher and Bobby in the 6th stole Glen Feldman.   Feldy was on every captain’s radar and Harris knew that so he picked him off before Drapkin, Kastner and Seidel??????????  This team has a good blend of offense and defense and should be competitive. 

Prediction 11&11

Team Grade

Offense- B

Defense- B

Pitching- C

Speed- C


TEC-TEL (Schef)

Hard to go wrong when you take Callow with your 1st pick, the former MVP fell to Schef in the 5th open spot after Captain America Jacoby passed on him for his other man crush JOMO.  The other JC  Jen Callow was heard smashing her laptop at 8:43am.  Intoci in the 4th might be only fella on the Schef roster that isn’t part of the Tritto July 4th festivities but that should soon change.  The author is not great at math but this team is not YOUNG!!!!!  The slogan for this team could/should be “SCHEF I NEED A RUNNER”.  The old saying “if you have nothing nice to say - say nothing at all” absolutely applies here.  Welcome back to clipboard Schef – this could be a long season.

Prediction 7&15

Offense- C

Defense- A

Pitching- C

Speed- C


This was a bit of an unconventional draft for Jacoby in 2018. In the two spot, Jacoby was unable to follow his usual routine of getting a big name pitcher in Polzer or Clamp in the 2nd. With that, he went with a very textbook draft of taking known veterans and filled up most key positions in the early rounds. For his number one, Justin listened to the little voice of Lauren Jacoby in his ear and selected newly appointed commish and local teen heart throb, Joe Mamone, In that pick alone, ¾ of the outfield is set between Jomo, Jacoby, and Paul Mamone (when he’s not busy adjusting every inch of his body in the batter’s box). Switching from Polzer to Lambo on the mound may be an adjustment for Team Jacoby, but with a veteran infield of Hor, Gluck, and Perloff (who is switching to 2b after making a decision between having to wear a hat to block the sun or switch positions became too much to decide) and the aforementioned outfield, this team should come as advertised. As for rookies, Justin held back on the slew of new talent and got what I feel would be a nice bargain in Ballo in the 6th. In the end, if Jacoby can stay healthy, if the aging vets Gluck and Hor can produce as they traditionally have, and if Lambo can establish himself on the mound in his sophomore season, Team Mamoby should be in good shape.

Predicted team Record: 12-10

Offense grade: B+

Defense grade: A

Pitching grade: C+

Speed grade: B

Defensive Outfielder of the Year: Mamone (Joe... just to clarify)



It’s only fitting that Capt. LaRocca took the captainship vacated by “the Boot”, based on his early selection of rookies. While some may be wary of this strategy based on Beilis’ subpar record last year, I don’t predict the same results for this rookie captain. Mike Klechinsky had an outstanding rookie year, and selecting brother Kevin in the first round will prove to yield strong results, especially as a late first rounder. While try-outs may be deceiving, I believe the word on the street will be accurate and the Klechinsky Brothers should be a force to reckon with. The biggest steal in the draft may be in round two with highly touted rookie, Kyle Raventos. If Paster was seen as the crème de la rookie class, I personally thought their try-outs were dead even. In getting Raventos, Captain LaRocca looked like a veteran captain (as opposed to others that wanted to go home for a bit or were confused over who to take with only two players left on the board... though not a captain, JZ left the draft for at least an hour to write individualized goodbye letters to loved ones in preparation for taking his own life after seeing his name under the Randell banner yet again), making some strategic swaps with Fradkin to give both sides exactly what they were looking for. Picking up the Carlins in the 4/5 spot is a huge bargain in that LaRocca grabbed some great clubhouse guys and the defensive versatility of Marc... and furthermore, who's cooler than Ronnie Carlin? The answer... no one. The rest of the draft may have seen some picks being earlier than expected, but you know what? I think that LBRWNFOEFUDNWOFNBWBFF Law Group will be an exciting and interesting team to watch once they gel.


Predicted team Record: 13-9

Offense grade: A-

Defense grade: B

Pitching grade: B

Speed grade: C+


Rookie of the Year: Klechinsky, Raventos

Most Improved: Levine (I doubt it, but I like the kid so I'm throwing him a shout out)





Coming off of a rough season, Captain Applebaum had to figure out how to build around someone other than BFF Ed Fradkin. In comes Mike “the Mouth” Conti to lead this squad as its hitting and spiritual leader. Gang, brace yourself for such classic lines as “Nice swing, does it come in men’s?” or “Way to fight off that splitter”, or “Hey guy, it’s unda hand!”. Either way, he’s a lot of fun and will hit a bunch of homers. From there, Melnyk moved up to the second round and will most likely patrol the outfield with Captain Applebaum unless Conti moves back to the outfield and Steinberg takes on his natural position of SS. Either way, this team is built more on offense than defense. This team welcomes back Herm Suarez, a big time pitcher with a vicious knuckler and still great up the middle and as an overall team guy. I do feel like this team tapers off defensively as the rounds move on and this squad will need to rely heavily on Conti’s bat to power them past any fielding difficulties. Joshi is a value pickup offensively for this squad, but can’t play the field for shit. He is sexy though… like a stocky Aziz Anzari almost. Some nice value in Pingaro, Lurie, and Rosenthal, however, this team is going to struggle defensively if any of the top 4 are absent. Overall...eh


Predicted team Record: 9-11

Offense grade: B+

Defense grade: C

Pitching grade: A

Speed grade: B


OPY: Conti

Cy Young: Herm Suarez

Most Walks: Weinstein




























ACE (Ferrarese)

Much to the chagrin of all the other managers, alter ego “Cowboy Billy Bob” Ferrarese did not show up on draft day.  Instead a very serious, laser focused, and well-prepared Mike Ferrarese showed up.  The only thing standing in the way of success was not being ill prepared, but whether a pre-draft dream that this author distracted him into making bad picks, would be a portend of things to come. NOT TO BE-sweaty palms aside, Mike stepped up with solid pick after solid pick.  How can you go wrong with The Bomenblitts?  You can’t!  Great start. Then follows up with another up and coming MSL star- Joe Tracy.  Predict big things for Joe, and a prominent LCF role on Team Billy Bob.  Then a newbie in Younghans – who impressed in the indoor tryout- a great swing!   Hard to know how that will translate outdoors- but Mike looks to have a stud (inside info?). Then the worst kept pre-draft secret   Podolla, Thomas, Thomas combo.  A little early perhaps, but as I have done through the years, a round or two early to get friends is what you do (see my “my brotha” Feldy pick this year-).   When Mike called out the Podolla combo pick- Mike would now have a lot of time on his hands.  At least an hour until he picked again- enough time to go outside and console JZ (who went AWOL)- or go to the bathroom and work on some of his new material- or just soak up all the draft mayhem taking place and handicap his next pick.  I guess he went with option 3 because he came up with a solid pick- which answered the question whether Mike planned on giving Marrone a run for the CY Young.  Mike would not pitch!  In fact, he grabs a former CY Young winner Mark “Hesitation Pitch” Karp to don the hill.  Mark a big question mark (pun intended) - as since he won the Cy Young – he has been benched in favor of another pitcher, the “hesitation pitch” isn’t fooling anyone anymore, and his good luck glasses he wears as a necklace when he comes to the plate, are now under ASA and USSSA scrutiny. Hopefully for Mark and more importantly Mike there will be a ruling before April 22nd.  Nonetheless, I am betting on the return of Cy Young Mark.  Nice 9th round steal for a pitcher- when everyone else was reaching for pitchers in the earlier rounds.  If Mark can pitch well- they have a shot to be good.   No Pressure Mark!   While the Bomenblitts, Tracy, Younghans provide some youth, speed, and power- I don’t see a deep line up.  Loconte is sneaky good- but after inning 2- someone in that line up will need to step up otherwise Team Ferrarese will be scratching for runs.  Defensively, they should be good- provided there are no absences. I see Eric moving back and forth between SS and LCF depending on attendance.  Not a lot of depth in the key positions.  Mike, will need to ensure his team limit their vacations, give out pre game orange slices to ensure his team stay healthy (can’t afford injuries), and there are no last minute work issues.  If Mike can make ALL that happen – I think Team Ferrarese could surprise- otherwise I see the possible need for Mike to get his team fired up with a reprisal of his “Cowboy Billy Bob” video.    


Projected Record- 9-13

Team Grade

Offense- C

Defense- B-

Pitching- C+

Speed- B+

Projected Post Season Awards

Offensive Player of the Year- Eric Bomenblitt

Defensive Infielder of the Year- Eric Bomenblitt

Defensive Outfielder of the Year- Eric Bomenblitt

Most Improved- Joe Tracy

The Sybil Multiple Personality Disorder Award-  Cowboy Billy Bob Ferrarese



For the third consecutive year son-in-law/and projected 2018 Team Lapine LCF Phil Getz manned the clipboard and stop watch at the tryouts for Dennis.  Phil also made sure to get an early seat for the draft to ensure that he was near the only outlet in the rec room.  Phone battery issues were, therefore, averted for the 4 ½ hour draft/convo with Dennis.  I picture Dennis sitting on a windy veranda in his shorts and golf shirt in his Florida Condo- with papers strewn all over his balcony table held down by coffee cups- preventing them from flying down to the walkway below.  I also have this image of Dennis checking his watch, getting anxious, and complaining to Phil about how long this draft was taking.  “I got a tee time!” 

Tee time issues aside- Phil/Dennis got off to a great start and hit it out of the park with projected rookie stud Tom Carroll.  Speaking of hitting it out of the park Tom looks to be a Doc /Big Ed clone hitting bombs at his East Frances tryout.  Then wasting no time, Dennis pounced on a dyno draft steal duo of the second /sixth rounds in Joe Spoto and cousin Trojani (an Adam Greenspan hitting clone). Great pick(s) by Dennis. Then the fun began when an unexpected and surprising third round pick Amadeo was made prompting Byko to leap from his seat like he was tracking a Jacoby duck snort behind SS.  Just 5 picks away from Byko- he thought he had his friend and work mate in the bag. Undeterred by the Byko pleas, Dennis held on….and it looks like Amadeo could be his LF (prediction- not confirmed).  Then came Yokes in the fourth round- and who can argue with that pick?  Becoming a really good pitcher (Steve, no bluff there!) – this guy just defies the odds- I said it three years ago in another write up- and it is more applicable today- he must be drinking some of the same bug juice that Ponce de Leon drank. The guy is just a pure hitting machine – AT 62!   Carroll, Spoto, Amadeo, Yockel, and Trojani is a great start and a lot of firepower.  All of that before you get to Phil- at 5!  Now that’s THE STEAL of the draft.  Wait, my bad, he is a reserved 5 !  Dennis also got great value thereafter with The Freys, Krant, and Stewart.  Looks like another typical Lapine offensive juggernaut- however I think the defense is a little suspect (rookies could change that calculus and prediction-TBD)- however if Yokes can keep getting better and better as a pitcher- and work on his pick off move- they have a shot to contend for the division and become a serious playoff opponent no matter where they finish during the season.  It is therefore very possible that Dennis can hold off having to make Sunday tee times in September!


Projected Record- 10-12

Team Grade

Offense- A

Defense- C

Pitching- B-

Speed- C

Projected Post Season Awards

Rookie of the Year- Tom Carroll

Offensive Player of the Year- Joe Spoto

MR Nice Guy- Steven Frey (gotta have a Frey nominated in this category)



This year, unlike any other year, handicapping pre-draft was a beast.  50 new players- 18 teams instead of 16 teams- and FOUR new managers.  One thing was certain about one of those new managers – Big Ed would make sure he was going to get pitched to this year- so he got lots of protection in the batting order.  None better than Polz- a line drive machine and oh yeah, a great pitcher!  Then Jordan Rosenthal a big banger- oh what a shock!  Big Ed, Polz, and Rosey back to back to back.  That’s freakin’ scary.  Then truly, one of the steals of the draft DiNapoli/Murphy/Murphy.  Former first rounder Jimmy Murphy in the FIFTH ROUND!   And to think Randell took a newbie in the 5th round with a questionable video that was as revealing as the Zapruder film- and Big ED gets Jimmy Murphy? Who is the rookie MSL manager and who is the twenty-year veteran manager?   Wow, what a steal.  Then another steal in the 6th round with Phil Lipomi.  With so much stealing being done by Edward Fradkin Esq, I think the New Jersey Bar Association might have to review what just happened last Sunday.  Podos pick helps what appears to be Team Fradkins weakness- the outfield.  The Podos kid a very under rated OF.  Really good value as an 8/13 combo pick.  And saved his bacon as Joel Podos should be in LF or RCF for sure.  Then the big question, Murphy at SS or OF, and Lipomi at SS or vice versa.  DiNapoli at 2b and Rosenthal at 3b look to be solid.  So, the infield defense should be very good either way Ed goes.  Just not certain about the OF.  Where once Edward was talking about pitching. Where over the last couple of years Edward was playing first base. Edward is now talking about playing the OF. That’s all you need to know about his OF situation and his own concerns.  In the end it may not matter much, because this team will put up a ton of runs.  Great pitching, a solid infield, and an adequate OF could be the recipe for this team to make noise this season.  I am just glad my first game against this team is at MUNI. 


Projected Record 13-9

Team Grade

Offense- A

Defense- B-

Pitching- A

Speed- C



Projected Post Season Awards

Offensive Player of the Year award- Fradkin

MVP – Polzer

Cy Young- Polzer

Rookie of the year- DiNapoli

Mgr of the year- Fradkin

Mr Nice Guy- Lipomi




















CGAJ LAW (Goldfarb) 

Well, when the draft order was released early Saturday morning we heard a lot of league members uttering the phrase....Goldfarb, Mayronie, Ferrarese.....knowing with the #1 pick Guy had the hammer and was welcoming trade offers from several other captains.  Ultimately, the defending champs couldn't pass up the opportunity to trade up for their MVP SS from a year ago and consensus #1 Infante, but they paid a hefty price and Guy took advantage.  Loading up on young stars Broome, Alfieri and Saler early you could see where Guy was headed.  Alex is already one of the top OF's and now he has maybe as fast an OF as we have ever seen.  The new Alfieri and Kaplow in the 5th and 6th and we might have the youngest top 6 "in the history of the league"....Newbie Cruz might be one of the steals of the draft and we assume he will share the pitching duties with Marty S who was terrific last year.  Just a tremendous job by trader Guy.  All this squad has to do is hit some and they will be the clear favorite of the division and maybe the entire league.  


Prediction 16-6

Team Grade

Offense: B

Defense- A

Pitching - B

Speed- A+




When you make a "Hershel Walker" type trade usually the team that gets the best player in the deal wins.  Not so sure that's the case here as our defending champ paid a ransom for arguably the best player in the league and put themselves in a position to have some potential glaring weaknesses defensively outside of Infante of course.  This squad will have to rely on it's "family" chemistry as they have the Pollock's, Rosenstock's and Rubin's to carry the day. There is plenty of hitting here to compete, but and the end of the day we don't think it's enough to get over .500 and the days the bats don't show it could get ugly.  Don't see a repeat here, sorry Matt/Mitch.  On the bright side you won't have to wake up at 3am to secure the lucky side at East Frances in late October :)


Prediction 8-14 (good motivation I know, but remember we predicted you to win it all in this column a year ago)


Team Grade

Offense: B

Defense- C+

Piching- B-

Speed- C+




NJ SALT (Sarcona) 

Lenny had the most interesting first round spot in this year's draft as the top 6 picks seemed somewhat certain despite not knowing the order they would drop.  As a draft veteran, the powerful Silverberg combo pick was the way to go and Lenny did not disappoint.  Austin is ready to take on LCF and Dave is still one of the top 5 hitters in the league.  Dave's health is a concern, but when is it not? (Hi Dave)...After that, Lenny needed a SS or OF at 2 and what drops in his lap?  In my mind, the best defensive SS we have DK.  NO BRAINER!!  (not sucking up here DK)....At 3 Lenny swooped in on Matty D the monster lefty bat and excellent OF.  I'm sure Lenny knows Matty but in case he didn't MG made sure everyone knew he was available when he called out his name 4 picks earlier forgetting he traded down and didn't have a pick.  Monster Goof....Pitching was secured at 6 with one of our favorites Mr Kastner.  Joe will be a key to this squad, if he returns to his top form this team will be excellent.  Some new talent with promise and veterans round out this group that I wouldn't want to face come playoff time.


Prediction 12-10

Team Grade

Offense: B+

Defense- B+

Pitching- B

Speed- B-


Team Apple (by Bobby Harris)

So, when does 19-3 and a championship jacket become such a distant memory that you better have a solid season, or you are out of the running for Mitch Pollack’s Manager of The Decade consideration?  Well 2018 will put that to the test for Apples.  2018 got off to a rough start even before the draft when JZ opted for free agency versus a guaranteed contract to play with family as a reserved player.  How ironic, that short of Bradley snatching former BFF JZ, that Apples almost ended up with Joel anyway (or would he have passed?  Hmm- we will never know the answer to that question).  After little thought, Apples correctly took stud SS (or will it be LCF or LF?)  Michael Conti-  who vows to make Schef pay for letting him pass all the way to the back of the first round- almost risking his place on The Mayors Trophy Team.   Could be some fun rounds of golf this year.  Apples backed that up with Derek Melynk another up and coming star in this league.  Steinberg and Suarez followed, giving Apples a really good first four in the lineup and a former MSL stud pitcher.  Big question, will it be The Herminator or just plain Herm in 2018?  Word has it Herm has been working on a split finger in his three year absence from the league. If he can master that pitch- I am betting on The Herminator.   Pingaro, a Bobito board fave, Eric Lurie, and former Bobitian Joshi round out the top half of the draft.  Great locker presence with those three and solidifies the offense.  However, after careful positional analysis , it just looks like a square peg in a round hole to this author.  Who are the four OF’s if everyone is there (forget if there are any absences)?   Melynk and Apples man the middle- but it looks like Conti will need to move to the OF.  Mikey Mess another former Bobitian fave- will also likely be asked to play a prominent role in the OF.  Infield looks solid- whether Steinberg or Conti at SS- and clearly Lurie , Pingaro , and Joshi can handle the infield when called upon. It just looks like a challenging managerial dilemma to make the OF whole.  Krain and Uncle Rob are really good value at the back end of the draft- but limited defensive impact.  And then there is Mr Irrelevant AKA Mr 233- Paulie Weinstein.  This much I know, if Team Marrone falters,  Paulie will be walking into Bagel Time each and every Sunday telling anyone that will listen- that Marrone made a mistake not taking him again this year.  Maybe Paulie was the secret sauce.  And if Team Apple does get north of 500, and/or Team Marrone does not make their projected lofty win number, then maybe there is something to the “Weinstein Factor”.   Lots of I told you so’s if that happens.  It will also mean that Apples will be back in the Manager of The Decade Conversation.


Projected Record 9-13


Team Grade

Offense- B

Defense- C-

Pitching- B+

Speed- B-  (would be a B but for Mr 233)


Projected Post Season Awards

Offensive Player of The year- M Conti

Defensive OF- Melynk

Batting / Motivational Coach of The year- Weinstein





































































































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