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American League (Bobby Harris & Todd Wallman)



So here was one of the pre-draft burning questions- not whether The Martinez Bros or the rookie sensation Bomenblitt would be the first pick of the draft- it was whether Justin had the chutzpah to give Feldy some more scouting reports on 2015 Team Bykofsky players.  No such luck!  No fireworks this year!  There was lots of activity and jostling for position in the draft room- but both Feldy and JB stayed in the chairs all morning- staring at their draft board.  And to Justin’s credit, after losing his BFF Jackson to Randell- he went at his draft methodically and recovered nicely with Spoto and Coughlin in rounds 2 and 3.   And because Papa B was a reserved 4-  Justin had to wait a full round and a half to make another pick- and quickly snatched  Senss and  Long – and then got Danser back to back to back – which is pretty impressive.  And while there is not a lot of power in this line up- there are a lot of really good sticks. And they have no sure outs- which a lot of teams cannot say.  Glassman, Schiffman and Binder at 11,12, and 13 is pretty good.  Unfortunately Team Bykofsky has mostly singles sticks (Lambo and Senss possible long ball threats) and therefore they will need to do a lot of first to third to score runs- and while there is some speed – most notably Justin and Spoto- the overall team speed may not be there to keep innings alive.  So it will have to rely on the defense and pitching of Papa B.   Justin in LCF and a Coughlin/Long DP combo is really good.   So there they do shine.  And with the pitching and defense they will remain competitive all season.  The difference between having a 9-13 or 13-9 season though, are those couple of close games I anticipate this team will have. Therefore, I am splitting the difference and predicting an 11-11 season. The pitching is in good hands with Papa B- and if he can get any run support at all, they will be closer to 13-9.  For the “Yentas” sake I hope this team will be 13-9  otherwise at the post game Bagel Talk lunches, the “Yentas” will have to listen to Papa B bemoan his low ERA in a losing effort.

Team Record



Offense- C+

Defense- B

Pitching- A-

Team Speed-C

End of Year Candidates

Def OF- J Bykofsky

Most Improved- Danser

Cy Young- Rob Bykofsky




It seems every year JY ends up with the best DP combo in the league- and after a couple of stellar seasons with DK to his right- having Chris Ryan keeps that tradition alive.  Chris may have the best pure arm in the league and is extremely athletic. But that’s where the great defense begins and ends for team JY in 2016.  JYs hopes of reuniting with Joraskie, ended when Lapine , to the amazement of all took Joraskie in the second round.  No doubt, Gene and Dave and Brock are all solid OFs- but there is no gap closing speed out there like Joraskie.  And on the big fields like Middle, Marl El and East Frances , the spectators watching the game could see the JY OFs uniform numbers way too many times  as they run down some balls.  While Marty is one of the best “strike throwers” in the league- sadly (as I can attest) father time has limited Marty’s mobility – and the Ryan athleticism will be tested with lots of balls scooting through the middle.  Offensively,  Ryan , JY , and Brock represents a formidable hitting troika- however there is not a lot of length in this lineup so I see lots of rallies dying early and often.  But, and isn’t there always a but- if Lipsky can duplicate last year’s success (gotta see it two years in a row!) , if Darren Wald off a long softball hiatus comes back hitting like he did the last year for Mesmer, if Joey O has a good year , and most importantly if Dave and Gene can complement the big three- then 10-12 can easily become 12-10 or 13-9.  Just too many questions for me to predict a winning season- and if form holds ( and I predict a Team Wallman championship) JY may be the only YIT without a championship and wont that MG and JY commute to work be a long one for JY if that happens.  


Offense- B-

Defense- B-

Pitching- C



End of year Candidates

Def Inf- Ryan

Mr Nice Guy- Olivencia


BURGER BROS (Paladino)

When Mikey “Spike” Paladino showed up for the draft with a cooler- we weren’t sure whether he was planning on having a tail gate in the Wegmans Parking Lot or was looking to outflank the other managers into thinking he wasn’t taking the draft seriously.  Turns out both!  After an abbreviated stay at Wegmans, we headed back to the Rec Center to commence with the draft  (some beer and players) .  And Mikey, in spite of pulling out a few beers from that cooler in rounds 2, 5, 7, and 10 had a solid draft of players as well.  Roland , former 1A , going deep into round 2 , Mark Carlin (on most mock drafts a late 1 , early 2) going deep into the third round- and not to be over looked, locking out the 13 spot with Herman arguably a solid 12 in this draft.  Wollman and Barlow at 4 and 5 is solid value- and brother Rich as a 7 in this draft?  Give Mikey credit, he is learning that the off season is not only for mock drafts- gotta work  the rating convos as well.  Well done!  And then getting Double D as your pitcher to go with the anticipated great defense this team has?  Outstanding!   I predict they should be in EVERY game.   This team does lack speed and if Double D is absent or has one of his in season hamstring or groin pulls, I don’t see a backup pitcher- and that would be an issue. AND also Mark Carlin going to LF is a big question Mark (pun intended) ,  as that is not his mainstay position. But somehow I see that as working out.  And the IF Defense with Mikey  at SS ( very under rated as a defensive SS- trust me he anchored Team Harris’s IF circa 2012 championship year), Barlow at 2B (also very under rated- Team Harris SS circa 2013) , Richie at 3B , and the ever present Wayno Sherman at 1B- is as good an IF as there is in the league.  The Podos kid is also turning into a really nice OF – so with the veteran presence of Roland and Carlin in the OF- their OF defense will not be flashy but will be very solid.  I predict this team will be very dangerous come Sept/Oct and I expect Mikey might have a reason to bring that cooler for a little Champaign instead some beer. 


Team Record- 13-9

Offense- B

Defense- B+

Pitching- B+


End of year Candidates

MVP-  Mike Paladino

MGR of the year- Mike Paladino

Cy Young- Drapkin




It was a welcome sight to the see the big fella- Lenny - back in the draft room.  And NO- not because the managers thought Lenny might revert back to some old draft habits- like drafting lots of power hitting, over weight first basemen (a habit he picked up in fantasy drafts).  It’s because Lenny is one of us!  One of the good guys in this league- and guess what?  He also fooled us- he had a solid draft.  He was the only over weight first basemen on his roster when the smoke cleared.  Hard to go wrong taking Martino- arguably the best SS in this league.  OK – that was easy- but then he followed with KP , Greenspan ( welcome back Adam!) , rookie Melynk (by all accounts a steal) , and getting Chen at 7 , Joshi at 9 , and Persily at 10- really solid picks that should have gone a round or two earlier.  The biggest question mark though is Seidel- not because he is an outstanding pitcher- he was- and for Lenny’s sake we hope he still is.  But speaking as someone who knows a little bit about surgeries and injuries- sometimes it takes a while to come back from those injuries.  Hopefully for Lenny and more importantly Mike , he does.  And if he does- they have a real good chance to be a contender.  Lots of hitting- Martino at SS- nuf said.  And if Melynk is as good an OF as advertised – along with KP – they will make a solid CF combo.  And unlike most teams, they do not have any gimme outs in this line up.  Tommy as a 13?  There are 12’s that cant shine his shoes- and I may have to rethink the “Tommy shift” if he hits another ball to LCF like he did against us last year.  This Sarcona team looks and feels different than past Sarcona Softball teams.  Same cannot be said for his fantasy team!

Team Record- 13-9

Offense- B

Defense- B+

Pitching- B



End of year Candidates

MVP- Martino

Def Inf- Martino

Rookie of The year- Melnyk

Mr Nice Guy- Seixas

Most Improved- Joshi

Manager of the Year- Sarcona



Marty was in full blown panic after the numbers were released knowing that his beloved Taub's were likely to be snagged before he selected in round 2.  Trade rumors were plentiful the night before and one would think a deal would be consummated by 9am.  However, Marty felt the asking price was too high and went about his draft from the 8 hole.  At 8 overall Marty got a stud in newbie DiMarco.  Now faced with his second round pick with the Taub's off the board what to do.....well, a controversial selection of Goddard who fits in perfect but for his desire to play SS this be continued.  After securing tremendous depth at SS, Marty needed help in the outfield, so he grabbed newbie Heistner at 3 and veteran Perloff at 4.  G Laks at 5 and Jaeger at 7 are an excellent right side of the infield, and the rookie Rosenstock combo at 6 and 8 are predicted by some to be the steals of the draft.  Mel will anchor the pitching staff.  We think this team will play excellent defense but will struggle scoring runs at times.  Somebody will need to step up behind DiMarco or else he will see a lot of intentional passes.


Prediction 10-12






Well haven't things changed since last spring.  Quite a turnaround for Mr Granese in 2015.  After 10 years of captaining ineptitude, 1 1st round playoff series victory, and battling with Feldman for "under the..........line"  Matt got his championship, playoff MVP, and a OPY award....WOW!!! MG was never calmer entering a draft season, not pushing for mock drafts until days before.  In 2015 MG realized he needs a 1-2-3 offensive punch and he certainly secured that again with himself, Taub and Golden.  The only reason Eric dropped is he's missing a lot of games this year.  As a result, Captain Matt knew he needed OF depth and with one pick he more than secured it....Brendt-4, Krauss-5, krauss-9 DONE..... Instant OF.  The worst kept secrets in camp Granese were the Lombardi pick at 6-12 and  Zimm Zimm  Zimm returning home at 7 the year after the title, poor Zimm.  Nice veterans and one newbie rounded out the roster.  In years past the prediction here as been as predictable as DC ending up with one of his YIT buddies, but we all know what happens when you ASS U ME......we love the chemistry of this group and have no interest in meeting up with these guys coming playoff time, however attendance is a real concern for the regular season.


Prediction 11-11


MVP-MG(as long as Callow isn't on the ballot)




To nobody's surprise the Pollock brain trust used the lottery pick on the dynamic Martinez brothers 1-2 combo pick.  With Mitch as the 3, and the penalty at 4, the next pick wouldn't take place for about an hour but early word is that the scouting department is thrilled with their first two open picks with rookies Gialanella and Intoci.  The cyber-metrics then told Coach Matt to secure his pitcher/son combo at 7-8.  With 3 family picks now in the bank, MP filled out the roster with veterans Gilston and Goldberg.  Of course, MP never leaves the room without BFF Rosensweig.......for the first time in several years it appears that the Pollock's have the balance they need to challenge for the best record in the league.  An excellent draft by Matt with a little help from pulling the ACE card and it seems as if blogger Mitch will be quite active throughout the season.....


Prediction 16-6


MOY-Matt Pollock

MVP-Mike Martinez

DOF-Jeff Martinez






LHRGP LAW (Applebaum)

Despite swirling rumors the night before and draft day morning, Brian couldn't pass on his buddy Infante at 3 overall.  The Mesmer's fit like a glove at late 2 (Ari is a 1 so why not).  Looking to recapture his championship season Capt Apple went back to the winning father-son Yockel combo pick at 4-5.  This roster is another one with 3 family picks, as the Kessler combo rounded out the pitching staff.  We would be remiss not to mention "left at the alter" Pingaro who returns home to Apple-land after his championship season with MG.  PP a steal at late 8....after adding board member "the doors are still locked at the rec center" LaRocca and veteran Kamras at 9-10 Brian finished up with 3 new players 11-13.....overall a solid draft but are there enough innings for the log jam at 1b?  PP to the OF?  Some defensive questions still to be answered, but these guys will hit enough to be a .500 squad.....


Prediction 11-11



OPY-A Mesmer



National League (Jason Younger & Justin Jacoby)


NJ SALT (Marrone)

The king of organic oranges spent the offseason trying to figure out two things.  Why are his top 4 from 2015 not returning, and when exactly does he grab Big Dave with Lenny, Lapine and others chomping at the bit for the fella?   Unable to get the answers to the first one, he focused on the second.  After defensive outfield stud Peragine fell to Glenn with the 11th open pick,  the Salt Captain came right back with his buddy Doc s and Doc s Jr ending the leagues’ worst kept secret.    Picking off the veteran Murph to play short, and the very solid Torres for left gave Marrone a nice start.  The newbie Span will probably anchor a young group on the right side of the outfield and “don’t draft me unless I’m playing third” Clancy will hopefully give this team enough on defense.   Now a 4th rounder, and one of the league’s best on the mound, the captain himself appears to be the most likely candidate to protect Big Dave in the lineup. Good speed with Span, Peragine and the kids will certainly help, but there are some questions that make this crew a mystery.  If however, the pieces come together, it’s a team to keep your eye on come playoff time. 


Prediction: 10-12

Offensive Player: Doc S

Rookie: Span

MIP: Doc S junior




We all have our favorites and “House Money” Harris is no exception.  When the reigning MVP of the league was staring Bobby in the face with the fifth overall pick of the draft, he wasted no time in plucking Callow off the board.   Picks 2 and 3 were as obvious as Carlin grabbing Sobie in the 10th.  At 2, good friend Schef came back home and early in the 3rd Bobito snared Kush making everything perfect in the world.  The key for Bobby however was the 19 year old rookie Kaplow who fell to him in the 5th, and should provide the lockdown defense at ss that this squad was looking for.  A solid blend of bats, and strong enough defense behind RC on the mound should keep Team Tuscany within striking distance of the conference lead all season.  Not as polished on paper as a few others, but Captain Bobby seems to get the most out of his squads during the playoffs, giving this team a chance to make some noise..


Prediction- 13-9

Offensive Player-Kush


MIP- Scalea



JIFFY LUBE (Goldfarb)

After the board corrected the Brock penalty, most in the room were very confident that the real GG would pull the trigger at 6 if they were still there for the taking.  The only question would be if Guy was ready to move on from longtime teammate and close friend KP.  Sure enough Justin and Pat fell in his lap with the 6th overall pick and a new era had begun.  With his pitcher, LCF and the extremely versatile Alex in the fold,  GG went to work.  Newbie Dipaulo, and the returning Eigis will form an excellent duo at 1B and provide some nice pop from the left side of the plate.  Grabbing Steinberg in the 5th to play ss could be a steal, along with veterans EJ and Raucher to form a very solid infield.  A nice blend of speed and versatility with a very well balanced roster has this years’ Jiffy squad primed for a strong season and potential lengthy playoff run.


Prediction: 14-8


CY Young- J Brock




Coming into 2016, Captain TW vowed to ensure he had much more hitting in his lineup than years past.  Grabbing the commish off of a subpar season, with something to prove, is always a good place to start.  With JZ at 1, Wallman grabbed Manalapan stud Becker hoping his bat translates with the Marlboro clincher.  Conti falling to the 3rd was a gift that TW gladly grabbed giving him an outstanding trio of bats in the middle of the order.  The oft-injured Chris Newman returns to the league for another season and if healthy, fits right in with this group of mashers.   Second year player Brian Thompson is a nice get in the 7th and good pals Puglise and Korn round out an excellent lineup from top to bottom. The steady pitching of Karp will anchor a strong defense. As long as this team catches the ball consistently, and has enough ash trays at each field to keep the smokers happy,  the skies the limit.  Good luck to the teams that get this squad during the regular season on Union Hill.  One of the most complete teams in the league, Wallman Law is one of the early season favorites to win it all.


Prediction 16-6



Cy Young- Karp

Rookie- Becker



When your team struggles in 2015 because of lack of pitching what does a good captain do in 2016?  They go and draft the best pitcher in the league MVClamp.  Captain Randell with the 16th pick of the draft went back to back with Bjax and Clamp giving him a very solid start.  The defense looks good for this squad but Hernandez will the key to their offense.  A lot of pressure offensively on the semi –rookie because if he doesn’t produce MVClamp will be seeing a lot of free passes and this team could struggle scoring runs.  The steal of Randell’s draft was Co-Commish DC, this guy can do it all from anywhere on the field which is why Randell took him away from the only homes he has ever known JY, MG or TW.  Good speed as this team is loaded with Charlie Hustles but lack of offensive fire power could be this teams downfall - luckily they have Clamp and nobody controls a game better defensively.   





For 208 guys the Marlboro softball draft is like Christmas day and by noon that same day 9 guys drafted by Feldy Scrooge have had their Christmas ruined.  The good news when Feldy Scrooge drafts you it’s pretty safe to assume your Sunday football schedule won’t be interrupted as his season rarely goes past the first weekend after Labor day.  Gluck, Fradkin, Gentle Rick and Turner is an excellent start offensively and defensively when one third of your defense is played by Feldy children you know you will be solid.  Add Gluck, Lurie and Fradkin/Rick to the infield and defensively this team is good but unfortunately it’s still managed and controlled Papa Feldy so come September expect the inevitable. 





It’s very simple – everybody in the draft wants to play for Captain Hugs.  Captain GG (Jacoby) starts recruiting in July for March/April draft.  If GG drafted everyone he promised a spot to his roster would be 98 deep.  Mamone knew he was GG’s LCF for 2016 back in July of 2015.  GG hedged his LCF bet when he invited MVCallow a guy he barley knows to his kid’s bar mitzvah a month before the draft.  Pat P was emailing his jersey size and # to Captain America 2 months ago.  The list goes on and on but the danger in over promising is that GG is a heart breaker and unfortunately some guys were left heart broken.  IF you ever hear these words run for the hills "Don’t you worry, you are locked and loaded as long as I don’t get picked off in the 7th, you’re the pick…"  Mamone / Polzer is a great start and GG got a few of his regulars when he grabbed Dukes, Aronson and Vega.  Defensively this team looks good and like a lot of other teams offensively this team needs good production from their high drafted Rookie.  While no one man makes a team Rookie Rosenwaig could be the key to how far this squad goes in the playoffs.  They could struggle to score runs but their defense and Polzer will keep them in games.  




NONNA'S (Lapine)

Many captains were not there for the final tryout before the draft but we all saw the video and Captain Lapine did what any other captain that couldn’t get the Martinez combo would have done and grabbed Rookie Bomenblitt.  On the video he looked like Mike Martinez on PEDs – the kid is a future Hall of Famer before talking his first regular season swing.  No different than most years, Lapine has a roster loaded with rookies.  He also drafted stud LCF and last year’s steal of the draft Joraski.  If Joraski hits to his potential he is a future 1 in this league.  Rookies are always a risk but the question mark will be can Ferrese pitch???  If he struggles this team will struggle and as many have learned the hard way – it is not easy to hit that mat.  With no back up pitcher on the roster Ferrrese is Lapine’s X factor.  Bomenblitt might be talented enough to carry this team to a winning record but that’s a heavy load to carry.




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